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Boya Sun Sells New Graphic Novel, Patch, To First Second For 2025
Patch by Boya Sun is an upcoming graphic novel series about a child whose favorite soft toy comes to life when he mends it with magic fabric he finds in the attic of his new home Strange things start to happen, and our world and the dimension toys belong to start warping into each other[...]
Marvel Legends Retro Collection X-Men Figures Up For Order Now
This Patch version of Logan features swappable hands and a katana I have lost count of how many Logan figures that makes in the last 3 years, but it is a lot This version of Cyclops features his X-Factor suit and I love the energy beam visor That is a great looking figure. #gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3[...]
Marvel Legends Wolverine and Bike 1
The Patch head is perfect From the scowl to the pointy hair poof, this is for sure the better of the two included head sculpts The modern one looks too scrunched, almost more like Popeye — not a fan of that modern head The included hands without the claws are okay, but the claw hands[...]
One-12 Collective Logan Figure 8
Wolverine fans will want to add this new One:12 Collective Logan figure to their collections this winter. Featuring interchangeable parts and a great sculpt, he maybe one of the better Logan figures we have ever gotten.
The division
Today, Tom Clancy's The Division will finally be receiving the long-awaited 1.6.1 patch, which will fix a ton of issues and bring about new loadouts, as well as Last Stand mode After a long test period, Ubisoft will unleash all of the information you see below onto both consoles and PC, going into effect after[...]
The Latest Patch For 'Outlast 2' Balances Out The Difficulty
Outlast 2 just got a new patch that is supposed to fix a few things here and there in specific spots, but the primary focus from the developers at Red Barrels Studio was balancing the difficulty on Hard and Nightmare modes Apparently, they were a pain in the ass to complete and received a lot of complaints from[...]
The Latest Patch To 'Overwatch' Won't Make Reinhardt Fans Happy
The latest patch for Overwatch went into effect yesterday, and while we have a complete list of changes for you below from Blizzard, the two main highlights are that Soldier 76 got a slight nerf while Reinhardt got nerfed hard on an ability Specifically reducing his range on Earthshatter, which I think I've personally seen[...]
GOG Galaxy's New Patch Is Supposed To Make Their System Amazing
If you're currently using Galaxy, you'll be receiving the 1.2 patch today, and it comes with some interesting features. Universal Cloud Saves: Never lose your progress again! New games, as well as all-time classics are upgraded with saves syncing and cloud backup. In-Game Overlay: Chat with friends, check notifications or your achievement progress by pressing Shift+Tab in[...]
'Space Hulk: Deathwing' Gets A Massive Upgrade & Sale
The Warhammer 40k FPS from Streum On Studio just got a nice patch, and to entice gamers who may have been on the fence, the game is getting a third knocked off the price on Steam to bring them in with all the new changes in place The patch fixes the problems that a lot of[...]
A Player Uprising in 'WoW' Forced Blizzard To Scrap An Update
But it's true, in a sense, as the company was forced to deal with public outcry over their latest 7.2 PvP patch that apparently NO ONE liked. credit//Blizzard The 7.2 update went a little something like this in the hope of changing the way PvP was balanced in the game: Players now deal 40% less damage to other[...]