The Next 'WoW' Update May Not Be Everything You Hoped For If You're Not Ready

World Of Warcraft is set to receive it's 7.2 update this week, nearly a year and a half after it was announced at BlizzCon in 2016. The Tomb of Sargeras will hit PC on March 28, and with it comes a plethora of additional materials that are expected to make the game awesome. But you might want to be prepared for the worst: some players just aren't up to snuff character wise when it comes to the new things coming. So when the patch does come, here are some things you'll need to do in order to get the full experience.

– Make Rank 35 on your most prized weapon. The Artifact Weapon System unlocks at 35, so best get that taken care of ahead of time.
– Vendors will be selling PvP gear appearances for the first two seasons of Legion that are supposed to look badass. Farm your marks of armor so you can acquire it easier. PvP world quests are the easiest way to snag them.
– Get as many of your character's reputations to exalted with Broken Isles factions so you can do the new flying mounts that are about to drop.
– Max out your characters Alts so they're ready for whatever may come. And trust is, a lot is going to be coming for them. Artifact knowledge research is a must.
– If you like Crafted Legendaries, be sure to join the patch with 65 bloods per legendary that you're looking to craft before the stuff to complete it comes around in the patch.
– Get more money. The economy in the game is about to shift as many items will be marked down, but some of the key items are due to increase. Just to make sure you're ready, have a lot of assets around in case you need to spend big, of if there are items you're looking to now get on the cheap.
– FLIGHT! Work on Pathfinder Part 1 in Broken Isles, Part 2 is coming in the patch and once you complete it, flight will unlock.
– Hoard all your Order Hresourcesuces and get as many more as you can. You're going to be looking for new armor and upgrades, and soon.

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