A Player Uprising in 'WoW' Forced Blizzard To Scrap An Update

Throughout the many lands found in World Of Warcraft, there have been very few campaigns with a collective undertaking so great, that it took the community as a whole to rise to the occasion and thwart the enemy in front of them. But if you told any of those players that one of the enemies they would be crushing was Blizzard, you might get some odd looks. But it's true, in a sense, as the company was forced to deal with public outcry over their latest 7.2 PvP patch that apparently NO ONE liked.


The 7.2 update went a little something like this in the hope of changing the way PvP was balanced in the game:

  • Players now deal 40% less damage to other players.
  • Players now have 25% less Stamina in PvP instances.
  • Players now have 20% more Agility, Intellect, and Strength in PvP instances.

Sadly, that brought about the fact that if you were a healer, you were basically invincible, which set everyone up in arms about how "balanced" the system was. That forced the company to rethink the system and issue a statement through the community boards through one of their managers, Lore.


It isn't the first time Blizzard shot down one of its own updates or changed plans after something in their system went awry. But it is one of the very few circumstances where their fanbase was so pissed off that they had to get rid of it. It remains to be seen what will become of PvP gameplay moving forward, a couple different sources have cited that some changes will come to the honor level reductions to gain Prestige.


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