Let's Take a Look at the Marvel Legends Wolverine Legendary Riders Set

The Marvel Legends Legendary Riders figure sets have been a hit with collectors so far this year. Ghost Rider was great, and the Black Widow figure in that set is a fine figure as well. The third (and final) set to release this year is Wolverine with a bike.

When this one was shown off at Toy Fair this year it was one of my favorites that I got to spend some time with. Anything Marvel Legends right now is going to fly off shelves — the line has never been better in both quality and quantity. Wolverine is one of those characters that will always move. But will collectors enjoy this one? Let's take a look and find out.

I will say this: they have nailed this packaging. Themed to whichever character, the giant logo on the front underneath a giant picture window showing off the contents of the package. Great background choices too. If I was not a loose Marvel Legends collector, the three legendary Riders figures would be great to have MOC. The backs always have awesome figure photos as well. Just great stuff all around.

Since I am a loose collector, I open my figures. This is where the problems begin with this one. Starting with Logan himself, let's get the good out of the way. The Patch head is perfect. From the scowl to the pointy hair poof, this is for sure the better of the two included head sculpts. The modern one looks too scrunched, almost more like Popeye — not a fan of that modern head. The included hands without the claws are okay, but the claw hands are way better. if yours comes out with bent claws, have no fear. These are way more malleable than previous releases. Wolverine is also in scale; the little runt is the perfect height.

Sadly, the arms are not the best. Since it is a bare-armed figure, there is no hiding the joints. It makes certain poses look really funky. The hands are really loose at the joint, so they come off incredibly easily, especially when trying to get him on the bike. And would it have been such a pain to include a cowboy hat? If he was a standalone release, he would be okay as part of a bigger wave of figures. But he isn't — he comes with this motorcycle. And it is not good.

The bike highlights the biggest issue with this release. Wolverine can't really sit on this thing. If you try and have him holding the grips, not only is he too short to reach, but the hands come out of the arms way too easily. If you get his hands to grip, his legs wont reach the front of the bike without posing him so far up on the seat that he looks like he's jumping off.

The leather cases on the back are only connected by one loose peg on the back, and getting it to stay on is almost impossible. They don't open either, even though they are hollow and look like they should. The bike even looks cheap — especially the front. Couldn't they have at least painted the front side of the mirrors? The only way this looks good in my eyes is posing Logan next to the bike. Really disappointing.

Marvel Legends Wolverine and Bike 9

Overall, this is tough. The Logan is a worthy addition for a display, but that bike is outright bad. After more quality releases with Ghost Rider and Black Widow, I expected more from this. At $40-45 (depending on where you buy), this should be a home run, and instead it's more like an infield single.

With all of the Marvel Legends releases hitting this year, best to wait and save your money for the upcoming X-Men wave (with tiger stripe Wolverine) or the new Deadpool and Spider-Man waves coming soon. If you want to get any of those, or even this Wolverine Legendary Riders set, you can do so here.

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