Patrick Malahide

Luther Season 5: Idris Elba's John Luther Gets Stunning Surprise (PREVIEW)

Gangster George Cornelius' (Patrick Malahide) son Alastair has gone missing - and Cornelius thinks Luther's got something to do with it But while most would be concerned about the game of "Russian Roulette" taking place along the side of their heads.. this is Luther, people! He's more concerned with figuring out why his name ended up[...]

Luther Season 5: Idris Elba Is "Back in London, Back in the Coat"

So that’s what we’ve come back to do.” - Cross Here's a look a the video Elba posted to his Twitter account: Crowley's DSU Martin Schenk is set to return for the fifth season, joining Michael Smiley's Benny Silver and Patrick Malahide's George Cornelius Wunmi Mosaku will be joining the cast this season as new recruit[...]

Balon Greyjoy Returns To Game Of Thrones Next Week

Part filler and part microcosm of the entire series as a whole, it covers one region's issues with succession while, perhaps, offering a solution to a problem half a world away.I was delighted when word came that actor Pilou Asbæk would be playing Euron Greyjoy and when official season six photos surfaced of actor Patrick[...]