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Doctor Who Daleks
There may be more… The Return of the Daleks – Steve Moore, Paul Neary, David Lloyd Abslom Daak… Dalek Killer – Steve Moore, Steve Dillon The Star Tigers – Steve Moore, Steve Dillon, David Lloyd Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom – John Wagner, Pat Mills, Dave Gibbons Nemesis of the Daleks – Richard Starkings, John Tomlinson, Lee[...]
Tony Stark & Black Widow Ultimates Sex Scene By Bryan Hitch Auctioned
Odds are it will get ten times that by the time the bidders are finished with it. Tony Stark & Black Widow Ultimate Sex Scene by Bryan Hitch, Auctioned There has been plenty of slashfic written about the characters based on the movies, here's a chance to own the official Marvel original artwork of the coupling in[...]
Hawkman #3 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair
Carter has a proud history of tussling with terrifying creatures, and it's nice to see that idea taken into this new run. We don't learn anything more about Carter's expanded history in this issue, but, given what we did get, I'm alright with that for now. We've gone back to the archaeologist roots of Carter, but he[...]
Squadron Supreme #1 After Secret Wars – A New Kind Of Exiles
From James Robinson, Leonard Kirk and Paul Neary, a superhero team made up of a variety of characters from different parallel reality A very new Squadron Supreme, starting later this year. Doctor Spectrum from The Great Society, a world where North African culture is dominant Nighthawk from Supreme Power Hyperion from the 616 Blur from, wow, from[...]
The Marvelman Story Never Reprinted Until Today
With art by Paul Neary, Alan Davis (his first work on the character) and Steve Dillon, we see a glimpse of what was planned. It's not presented in the order it was originally published, the interlude comes at the end of all the regular Marvelman chapters here rather than in the middle – which gives us[...]