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Pepe the Frog Creator Matt Furie Takes on Neo-Nazi Website The Daily Stormer

Matt Furie's quest to reclaim Pepe the Frog from neo-Nazis and the alt-right has found a new target: neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer.Furie and his team of pro-bono lawyers at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP have been sending Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices to the service providers who host The Daily Stormer, though[...]

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Matt Furie Targets InfoWars in Legal Fight Against Alt-Right Over Pepe the Frog

Matt Furie, creator of the totally-not-racist stoner known as Pepe the Frog, has set his sights on a new target in his battle against the alt-right over the image of his amphibian creation: InfoWars Furie is apparently suing Alex Jones's conspiracy and supplement peddling show and website for copyright infringement, as first reported Tuesday by[...]

Pepe The Frog Creator Matt Furie Pursues Legal Action Against Alt-Right

Matt Furie, creator of the non-racist stoner Pepe the Frog, has been fighting to regain control of his character from the alt-right white supremacists who have appropriated it as a hate symbol Furie recently sued Eric Hauser, who had written a children's book starring Pepe which Furie's lawyers said "espoused racist, Islamophobic and hate-filled themes,[...]

Yet More Punching Nazis, Pepe The Frog, Richard Spencer … And Jack Kirby

Mark Evanier, friend, collaborator and expert on Jack Kirby recalled in his book, Kirby: King Of Comics from before the US entered the war.As for Matt Furie, creator of the Pepe The Frog character co-opted by the alt-right movement, the use of which was being espoused by Richard Spencer on camera when he got punched, he[...]