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Pepe the Frog Creator Matt Furie Takes on Neo-Nazi Website The Daily Stormer

Matt Furie's quest to reclaim Pepe the Frog from neo-Nazis and the alt-right has found a new target: neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. Furie and his team of pro-bono lawyers at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP have been sending Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices to the service providers who host The Daily Stormer, […]

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Matt Furie Targets InfoWars in Legal Fight Against Alt-Right Over Pepe the Frog

Matt Furie, creator of the totally-not-racist stoner known as Pepe the Frog, has set his sights on a new target in his battle against the alt-right over the image of his amphibian creation: InfoWars. Furie is apparently suing Alex Jones's conspiracy and supplement peddling show and website for copyright infringement, as first reported Tuesday by […]

Pepe The Frog Creator Matt Furie Pursues Legal Action Against Alt-Right

Matt Furie, creator of the non-racist stoner Pepe the Frog, has been fighting to regain control of his character from the alt-right white supremacists who have appropriated it as a hate symbol. Furie recently sued Eric Hauser, who had written a children's book starring Pepe which Furie's lawyers said "espoused racist, Islamophobic and hate-filled themes, […]

Yet More Punching Nazis, Pepe The Frog, Richard Spencer … And Jack Kirby

Evelyn Beatrice Hall summarised the beliefs of philosopher Voltaire with the much-quoted line "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it", often cited to describe the principle of freedom of speech. The people should be able to say whatever they like. And that opposing voices […]