Phil Spencer

Xbox Head Says That Those Fighting Console Wars 'Aren't Real Gamers'

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox has been somewhat of a revolution at Microsoft, at least in terms of public perception The head of the division has refocused the brand in a big way after a disastrous launch and brought the gaze entirely back to the games on the platform.In the past he has talked about[...]

Phil Spencer Reveals Xbox Has Tried To Get The Rights To GoldenEye Many Times

Speaking on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that he has tried to get a deal done on the game more than once, but it has proved fruitless each time.@leflus Goldeneye rights are so challenging, looked at this many times Lot's of different parties to work with, we've always given up. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) December[...]

Phil Spencer Clarifies Comments Made About Sony The Other Day

A few days ago, Xbox boss Phil Spencer made some pretty candid remarks about the Xbox One's current standing in the market In short he said that he felt he was still trying to rectify the damage done by the console's bungled reveal with his interest in regaining gamer trust as opposed to beating Sony[...]

Xbox Head Phil Spencer Isn't A Fan Of The Console Wars

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has never shied away from being nice about his competitors He has opened his E3 briefings talking about them, and has spoken positively about Sony and Nintendo several times in the past.That is why it isn't surprising to hear that he isn't a huge fan of Console Wars, nor is he[...]

It Seems We Will Only Get Halo: Reach On Xbox One Via Backwards Compatbillity

Answering a fan on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer seemed to shut down the question by suggesting we might only see it on backwards compatibillity.@lincon6eqo I'd like to see it come via back compat. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) September 19, 2015I wouldn't rule its inclusion out forever, but in honesty, 343 are going to have every[...]

Xbox Boss Expects A PlayStation Price Drop Soon

Phil Spencer has always seemed like a straight shooter Well, as straight a shooter of a head of a gaming platform has ever been in the past That willingness to speak to the fans has defined his tenure at Xbox, really turning around opinion on the brand in the eyes of the audience.Well, it seems[...]

Lawbreakers Would Be Welcome On Xbox One Says Phil Spencer

Talking on Twitter, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer spoke in reverence for the games' creator Cliff Bleszinski and said that his title would be welcome on Xbox The developer was one of the masterminds behind one of Microsoft's most recognisable franchises Gears of War, so it's not hard to see why.Last time @therealcliffyb launched a[...]

Xbox Boss Says That They Are Going After Fewer Third Party Exclusives

Talking to Gamecore (via Dualshockers), Xbox boss Phil Spencer explained he is more focused on first party games to build on in the future: My Strategy is more around our own first party franchises, and investing in franchises that we own, and probably fewer exclusive deals for third party content I want to have strong third party relations, but[...]

Xbox Boss Praises The PlayStation 4 And Is Excited For What Nintendo Are Doing

Phil Spencer has never been shy about praising his competitors He doesn't pretend they don't exist or only refer to them as 'our competition', which is the baffling tact I've seen other business leaders take.As an examples, in a recent interview with Edge Magazine (via GamesRadar), he went about praising both the PlayStation and spoke[...]

Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Isn't Launching On PC Until Later

Responding on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that the PC version wouldn't be coming until a little later:@ArlessLewis @1stsaintinferno @KevPlaysGames @FameEnt2k Gears on Win10 is later than Xbox One version. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) July 22, 2015This is a little disappointing for PC users, but at least they are getting the game in some form[...]

Xbox Boss Says That It's Better When Gaming Industry Heads Play Games

Heads of major platforms like Sony's Shuhei Yoshida and Xbox's Phil Spencer clearly care deeply for the medium They came up through the ranks surrounded by games and learnt what they know from the industry It has created a culture where it feels like these businesses want good games, not just good profits at any cost[...]

Xbox Boss Talks About Wanting To Do Better In Europe

This is obviously bad news for Xbox, who have traditionally had a lot more success in North America.Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken about this very subject with Edge Magazine (Via VideoGamer), explaining why Xbox struggles in the territory, as well as how GamesCom could help establish a hold of the continent this year. I'm excited[...]

Xbox Will Show Just As Much At Gamescom As They Will At E3

On Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer told a fan that Microsoft have a similar amount of content for the German games show as they do E3.@mattscanna We should have as much new content at Gamescom as we will at E3. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) May 29, 2015As I said, this could be very significant for Xbox[...]

Xbox Boss Denies That Silent Hills Is Coming To Xbox One

It was so obvious that these rumours were untrue, that it almost seems disingenuous to say, "I told you so".Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to Twitter to address allegations that surface today claiming that Microsoft had bought Silent Hills outright to revive the cancelled game He said quite candidly:@GoReds42093 @Xbox Sorry, this isn't true[...]

Microsoft Will Run A Jam Packed 90 Minute E3 Press Conference

Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to Twitter to confirm the run time.@Masih3KA 90 minutes. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) May 19, 2015 He then added not only would it be an hour and a half but that Microsoft are struggling to fit everything in@Masih3KA We did a rough end to end run of show yesterday, still too[...]