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Phil Spencer believes COVID-19 will impact the game industry more in early 2021.

Phil Spencer Thinks Gaming Will Be Impacted By COVID-19 By 2021

Xbox head Phil Spencer believes the greatest impact from COVID-19 on the video game industry is still yet to come According to a report from Business Insider, Spencer believes that, despite the Xbox Series X's impending holiday launch later this year, problems could still be mounting. "Mocap is just something that’s basically stopped We’re not going[...]

Phil Spencer commented on concerns that games for Xbox Series X could be delayed.

New Xbox Series X On Schedule, But Its Games May Not Be

Xbox Head of Gaming Phil Spencer isn't worried about the Xbox Series X being ready for Holiday 2020 Instead, he's more concerned about potential delays in game production that could put a damper on gamers' plans to pick up new titles for their shiny systems when they finally hit the market.CNBC spoke to Spencer on[...]

Xbox Series X debuts at The Gaming Awards

The Xbox Series X Debuts At The Game Awards 2019

Tonight during The Game Awards Phil Spencer -- the head of Xbox --  announced the brand new Xbox Series X This new console promises to set the bar for gaming consoles, and where the user will be the center of the gaming experience This will be the fastest and most powerful Xbox It will also[...]

Valve Releases New Details About "Half-Lyfe: Alyx"

Xbox's Phil Spencer Has Apparently Already Played "Half-Life: Alyx"

Apparently, Xbox's Phil Spencer already did Ever since the game was announced, there have been rumors and threads and discussions from fans about what the game will contain A lot of it is speculation and fantasy because truly, only a few people truly know what's in the game And while a great many would like[...]

Xbox's Phil Spencer Confirms Some Of Scarlet's Goals

Xbox's Phil Spencer Confirms Some Of Project Scarlett's Goals

During XO19, Xbox's Phil Spencer made himself available to a number of press outlets, and in the process, we got some cool info on Project Scarlett Stevivor recently posted their interview with Spencer, which gave us two new insights into what they have planned First and foremost, they're working to make every Xbox game backward[...]

ExQuisite Gaming Pretty Much Confirms Banjo-Kazooie Game For E3

Xbox's Phil Spencer Explains Banjo-Kazooie in "Smash Bros."

Rare has since re-released the game for their Xbox line. head Phil Spencer had a conversation with Kotaku about how the deal went down. “The ‘how’ is not actually that interesting Obviously we’re one of the biggest third-party publishers on Switch, so we have great relationships with their third-party team[...]

xbox game pass logo

Xbox's Phil Spencer Wants Xbox Game Pass on Every Device

Would you like to have access to Xbox Game Pass on pretty much every device you own? That's a dream Xbox's Phil Spencer has in mind for the future Spencer was recently quoted in an interview with Geek Wire, talking about the progression of the program being put on the Switch and mobile devices, and the[...]

Crackdown 3 logo

Xbox's Phil Spencer Has Tried Crackdown 3, Comments on the Progress

In case you're just a little bit curious about how Crackdown 3 is coming along, Xbox's Phil Spencer has the answer for you Someone hit Spencer up on Twitter, giving him grief about how they'd really like to be playing the game right now For a quick response, Spencer gave him an update that we haven't[...]

Xbox One X logo

The Next Xbox Will Focus on Framerates and Download Times

Take for example, a recent interview Giant Bomb had with Xbox's Phil Spencer, in which he goes into a small bit of detail about two specific areas the next console will focus on.In the video, Spencer comments that they would like to see the framerate improved when it comes to game performance on any television,[...]

xbox party chat

Xbox's Phil Spencer Says Fifteen New Titles Will Be Announced This Week

This evening, before the big event kicks off tomorrow afternoon, Xbox's Phil Spencer dropped a tweet that hinted toward the kind of announcements they would be making, letting fans know that there would be at least 15 world premieres announced during their stream.Just wrapped our final #XboxE3 rehearsal Feeling great about the show Excited to[...]


Xbox Boss Says it's Unlikely We Will See a First Party Battle Royale Game

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said it is unlikely that Microsoft first party games will be trying to hop on the genre bandwagon.[caption id="attachment_811343" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Xbox[/caption]It feels like after this upcoming E3, we might be reaching critical mass when it comes to battle royale The expectation is that to jump onto the Fortnite and[...]

Former Crystal Dynamics Head Darrell Gallagher Moves to Microsoft Studios

Gallagher then joined Activision as part of their executive team for the past few years.Xbox head Phil Spencer also tweeted his approval of Gallagher's hire, saying he admired Gallagher's work at Crystal Dynamics and was excited to have him working at Microsoft.[embed][/embed]It is unclear at this time what role he will play at Microsoft Studios, though[...]


Peter Molyneux Reacts to Rumors of a New Fable Game

Also, most of those features were available in all of the previous games, which means they're likely to see a reappearance in Fable 4. Microsoft has been teasing a new Fable game since May of 2017 as Phil Spencer has been a champion of the cause. Microsoft reportedly has Forza Horizon developer Playground Games working on a new Fable game, and 22Cans designer[...]

Microsoft's Phil Spencer Says Fable Has "A Lot Of Places It Can Go"

Some fans took to twitter to ask Microsoft's Phil Spencer whether or not we would be getting the fourth installment of the Fable franchise anytime soon While Spencer confirmed that there is nothing to announce just yet, he did tease that we probably be seeing Fable again Eventually. Now, this is some interesting news considering the fact that the[...]

Project Scorpio Dev Kit And Inner Hardware Details Revealed

Yesterday, Gamasutra had a quick interview with Xbox's head honcho Phil Spencer to talk about the Scorpio, and we got some interesting details, including this picture of the dev kit version of Project Scorpio First off, take a look at this thing Yeah, we know, not the final product But.. if this is even close to the rough design, then just[...]

Microsoft Says First-Party Games Are Critical To The Launch Of Project Scorpio

All Xbox One games will be playable on the new console and Xbox head Phil Spencer recently stressed that he believes it is critical for Microsoft's first-party games to be ready for the system's launch."Having our [first-party] games ready for Scorpio is critical," Spencer said on Twitter in response to a question of whether or not Scorpio[...]

Microsoft Wants To Be First In Line At E3 With "Scorpio"

In an interview with IGN today, Xbox's leading boss Phil Spencer shared a little bit of news that's both telling of the company and what they have coming Xbox's E3 press conference will now take place on Sunday, June 11 at 2pm (PST), making it the first press conference to lead the event before all[...]

Project Scorpio Should Be Priced Comparably To The Xbox One S Says Xbox Boss

Of course, with that comes fears of a massive price to match.Well, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken about the subject with WinBeta (via VideoGamer), trying to alleviate some fears There is nothing concrete here, but he points out that, while it will almost certainly cost more more, Scorpio should be comparable to the Xbox One S[...]

Xbox Boss Reiterates That Microsoft Are Committed To Gaming And The Xbox Brand

Speaking to a fan on Twitter, Phil Spencer has said they you shouldn't read into the reports, and pointed out that the company just announced two new consoles.@Nahkapukki quite — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) June 22, 2016@Nahkapukki Yes, announcing 2 consoles, to me, would be a strange lead in to that.— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) June 22, 2016For[...]