Xbox One Sees Another Price Drop To $349.99 – Is it Permanent This Time?

The Xbox One has been seeing a healthy restructure in the last few months under new boss Phil Spencer. As was key to owning this holiday period, the console was smartly cut by $50 to $349.99 RRP in November through to the end December. That has seen a dramatic rise in sales and saw the console best the PlayStation 4 on the market for the first time ever.

People thought the console would stay at the price permanently, but as promised, that console shot back up to $399 in January. For a little while anyways. It's been announced the console would again be dropped to $349.99 in a community post from Xbox. Interestingly, there is no mention of this being a permanent price drop. In fact it's specifically called a 'promotion' with no end date, which makes it a bit confusing on the surface.

My guess is that this is a permanent drop though. If Xbox really want to hit PlayStation where it hurts, they need to be competing with Sony in the price department. So far, its shown that the Xbox will move lots of units at the price, so I think it would be silly to bump it up too much from here.

To go with that announcement, here is a video of Spencer talking about Xbox going forward in 2015. I'm excited about the future of the console and I think 2015 could be a high for Microsoft.