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Does "Stranger Things" Writers' New Season 4 Tease Involve Apple Mac or Polaroid Pix?

A month after Netflix and The Duffer Bros. (Matt and Ross Duffer) made the inevitable official with the announcement that Stranger Things would be returning for a fourth season, fans started learning more about what the upcoming season holds for viewers. Reports of a casting call for four male characters began circulating; then in the […]

Get A Good Look At Rick Baker's Retro Aliens From Men In Black 3

Amongst a gallery of behind the scenes shots for the upcoming Men in Black threequel are some images of Rick Baker's alien creations. There's a few of the villain, Boris, as played by Jemaine Clement, but much more interesting are the supporting players. Seeing as a good chunk of the film takes place in the […]

First Images Of Jonny Lee Miller And Lucy Liu As Holmes And Watson

Filming on Elementary, the Holmes-in-New York pilot that will star Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson, is underway now. The production has been on location around the city in the last couple of days, giving paparazzi their chance to capture Miller and Liu in costume. I give it ten […]

More Promo Pics From Doctor Who's Christmassy, Narnia-Infused Special

Instead of the lamp post of Narnia, there's a kind of lighthouse. Instead of, I dunno, the beavers, there's a bunch of folk in what amounts to really convincing Halo cosplay. Instead of a Wardrobe, there's another big blue box that's bigger on the inside. The snow's the same. This year's Doctor Who Christmas special, […]

A Look At John Carter's Reinvented Great White Ape

I've seen the scene portrayed in this still image a couple of times now – once at Big Screen, once at a presentation with co-writer and director Andrew Stanton a couple of weeks ago. In both cases it was the last scene shown. In both cases it was easily the least of the scenes shown. […]

James Bond Skyfall Special – A Rushes Round-Up With Lots Of Good Stuff

Let's start with some pictures from the set of Skyfall, the Sam Mendes-directed James Bond film. These reveal one of Bond's cars for the new picture… a Land Rover. That he isn't even driving himself. And he's got a stubbly little beard. Certain purists must be having fits. But, look – the car is loaded […]

How Text And Images Have Changed In Five Hundred Issues

When Turf #1 was published from Image Comics earlier in the year, it was criticised by some for being too text heavy. When asked about this, writer Jonathan Ross said that he was trying to reach back to an earlier time when there were more words on a page. This image from Mobat demonstrates that […]