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Plastic Meatball Has Time Bandits, Labyrinth Figures Coming
Plastic Meatball is stepping their game up in a huge way this year We already told you about their awesome line of Halloween retro figures coming, but they have two more exciting lines debuting before the end of the year Time Bandits and Labyrinth are joining their 3.75-inch line, with figures coming out, including Evil[...]
Halloween Retro Figures Coming From Plastic Meatball & Fright Rags
Fright-Rags is teaming up with Plastic Meatball for a new series of retro-style figures from the classic, original 1978 film, including figures we have never gotten in figure form before I know that I can't be the only one who has been hoping for these for a long, long time, and now they are available[...]
Psycho Goreman Is On DVD Now...And There Is A Happy Meal Too
I want more Psycho Goreman! And apparently, thanks to Lester D's and Plastic Meatball, I may get my wish. Psycho Goreman Happy Meals & Glasses…Just Take My Money That's right: Lester D's has teamed with Plastic Meatball to create a kid's meal for the film at their chains and will also offer a pair of collectible glasses[...]