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Lumione Playable Demo Available For Download On Steam Store
Perfect World Entertainment, the team that brought us Star Trek Online and the soon-ending Magic: Legends, has announced the release of a playable demo on the Steam Store for their underwater platformer game Lumione The demo allows players to get a good glimpse of the mechanics and aesthetics of this game. A screenshot of the extremely detailed[...]
Retro Platformer Game KING MAN Trilogy Released On Steam
Independent video game developer ERMedia and publisher Plug In Digital have announced the launch of their retro-style platformer KING MAN Trilogy on the Steam Store! A game series for lovers of older games, this bundle seems apt to appeal to the sensibilities of the 1980's and early 1990's. The regally silly key art for KING MAN Trilogy,[...]
Trippy Indie Platformer Spinch Launches September For PC, Switch
Indie developer Queen Bee Games and publisher Akupara Games' kaleidoscopic platformer Spinch will be launching in September! The visually-trippy game will be launching for Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam, on September 3rd of this year. Key art for the trippy indie platformer Spinch, developed by Queen Bee Games and published by Akupara Games. Spinch, a side-scroller[...]
Indie Puzzle-Platformer Eternal Hope Will Launch for PC Via Steam
Indie developer and publisher Doublehit Games has announced that their upcoming puzzle-platformer Eternal Hope will be coming out on August 6th of this year It will launch for Windows PC via Steam at that time and will release for the Xbox One sometime later in the year. Key art for Eternal Hope, an indie puzzle-platform game by[...]
Wyra & Taksa Against The Master Of Gravity, On Steam In Q3 Of 2020
It is designed as a platform and puzzle game with no jumping mechanism, making it a stand-out design amongst platformers. The header for Wyra & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity, by 3S Design. In Wyra & Taksa, players are encouraged to use both of the titular named characters in a balanced fashion, as the game's levels[...]
Metroidvania Game Skytorn Has Officially Been Canceled
Sad indie news this week as the upcoming Metroidvania platformer Skytorn has been canceled, with no plans to keep it on ice and develop it later The news came from Noel Berry, one of the devs who also worked on Celeste and helped bring that video game to fruition The news came down from a post[...]
Getting My Magical Parkour On: We Review 'Mystic Melee'
It feels like an older game but plays like something made in the past few years, so you get this mesh of everything right with platformers from two different eras The sound is pretty great, too, with a soundtrack that makes you feel like you're in a race against time to save all of the[...]
Going Back Almost A Decade To Get Paint Everywhere In 'De Blob'
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] De Blob was originally released almost nine years ago on the Wii as one of the system's early puzzle platformers made by a third party I didn't get a chance to play it at the time, but I do remember seeing it in stores and thought it looked all right Now I get my[...]
A Reimagining Can Be Pretty Awesome In 'Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap'
The action-adventure platformer is the exact same game from 1989, which takes place after the events of Wonder Boy in Monster Land You come across a castle and defeat a boss called Mecca Dragon, only to be transformed into a giant lizard (known as Lizard-Man/Woman) by an evil being who likes to curse his enemies[...]
Survival Of The Fittest In The Intriguing Platformer 'Rain World'
Especially when it's a platformer because then you're dealing with a company who took risks with a traditional format and attempted to make it their own So when I saw this little gem from Adult Swim Games come around, I was curious as to how it would hold up both as its own game and[...]
'Shift Happens' When You're Having Fun With A Friend
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] DEVELOPER: Klonk Games REVIEW PLATFORM: Steam OTHER PLATFORMS: Xbox One, PS4 RELEASED: 2/22/17 On rare occasions, I get a platformer that requires a second person, and it's awesome to have someone else feel the same joy and frustration you do at the same time A good portion of those games are coming from indie developers[...]
Waxing 8-Bit Nostalgic With Alwa's Awakening
Lucky for you, there are gemstones you can recover that will give your magical staff new abilities to thwart danger and solve puzzles. credit//Elden Pixels The graphics in the game have a smooth flow to them, it has that panel-shifting movement you used to see in classic platformers when moving to another room, and the animations are[...]