Capcom's New Lineup SDCC 2018: More from Resident Evil 2 and Mega Man 11

Pictures and Words by Bleeding Cool's Marcos Salinas:

Grizzly Ghouls from Every Tomb, Are Closing to Seal Leon Kennedy's Doom!

Capcom invited us to their booth and rolled out all the stops this year, bringing in one of their most impressive displays to SDCC 2018. They laid the foundations for celebrating their 35th anniversary by building the iconic front of a familiar Police Department, complete with police car and remains of a would be passenger!

A Return to the PlayStation classic

We managed to step into the dark domain of the police halls, seated before a glowing pane of terror. With DualShock gripped to white knuckle tension, the familiar sounds of Leon Kennedy's perplexed horror boomed through the headset. We were back in Racoon City, the town where the Umbrellas little experiment ran amok.

We got a chance to play through 15 minutes of one of the most ambitious remakes that have graced this generation of consoles. Resident Evil 2's remake (or something of the sort) was announced recently and following suit with the success of RE7, aims to bring the horror of the series back to the forefront. The gameplay is a hybrid of the tight controls perfected in RE4, and the slow, methodic pacing of the more recent entry. With the sounds of the dread police station surrounding you, one cannot help but feel the tension.

The team took some time to tell us how Capcom has lovingly revisited this game. They've powered it with the engine of RE7 and retooled it to give it a slightly more action-packed feel. I enjoyed getting to relive memories of this game; it felt familiar without feeling like just a rehash.

The only technology change since I last roamed those halls that was a little troubling was that the rapid motion appeared to have some sort of artificial blurring. When trying to sight a zombie in close quarters it felt a little unpleasant and somewhat nauseating. I hope this is an optional feature, as while it is not a deal-breaker, having to keep some Dramamine on hand might inhibit enjoyment.

The Blue Bomber is back!

On the other side of the booth, the technicolor titan of technology rises again! Blue is definitely in this year, as we're seeing the latest Mega Man come to the forefront and introduce new challenges to defeat the robot masters. Not only did I get to pose on the back of my trusty robo dog, Rush, I got to play the new Mega Man, number 11!

Seeing the adventures of the little blue robot that could come to life again brought back childhood memories. Sitting on the floor, mess of cereal to one side and eyes glued to every pixel of Mega Man 2, probably my first Capcom game. The fluid motion of each step and jump displayed the responsive controls we've come to expect from this series. New twists have also been added to bring Dr. Light's creation into the modern world.

Not only are Mega Man's classic moves back, the player doesn't have to enter the pause menu to select powers or summon Rush now. Dedicated controls are there to allow for fluid battles and gameplay. Additionally, a new mechanic that engages Mega Man's system to power up speed and attacks is available, but don't overheat it. You'd think this would make the game easier, but clever level design has been put in place to ensure that you're always on your toes!

After getting a chance to play this game, we got to talk with the Capcom team and see just how much love they still have for this legacy character. They're celebrating his 30th anniversary by giving the players a game that's fun but challenging. Even with that said, it always feels like when you see that familiar death animation for our favorite robot, the player knows they can get better. This is definitely one I'm getting on my console on Launch day.

Capcom is one of game companies that has the longest history of likeable characters and charming franchises. Getting see such investment in reinvigorating these characters with such affection is a rare treat. I'm glad to see their still in the game of making great games and will keep my gaming thumbs ready for their next challenge!

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