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Ubisoft Stopping Production Of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Games

It seems that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are really at the end of their life cycle. Up until last year, games were still launching on both new and old gen platforms, but that has definitely slowed down now. A major player has bowed out of the generation completely too. During an investor's call […]

The Last Of Us: Left Behind To Be Sold As A Standalone DLC

In terms of recognition and accolades, The Last of Us: Left Behind might just be the most successful DLC of all time. The story was a key part to that success, adding to the already exquisitely executed main game. Incidently, if you haven't gotten round to playing the game yet and want a taste, you'll […]

Dragon Age: Inquistion DLC Jaws Of Hakkon Won't Hit PlayStation Until May

The Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition came out last week on Xbox One and PC. While I haven't found anytime to play it, I hear it is a decent addition to the game. One of the big questions surrounding the content though has been centered on exclusivity. Specifically, when would we see […]

Spotify App Launches – And Is Exclusive – On PlayStation Platforms

Spotify is a pretty important force in the music industry, both for consumers and distributors. In fact, I'm playing it as I type. I don't know many people who don't use it or a direct alternative for at least some of their listening habits. That's why this is a little bit of a coup for […]

Transistor And More Are Free On PlayStation Plus In February

I reported two days ago that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is coming to Xbox Live for free in February and, conversely, we now know what what PlayStation Plus are offering subscribers starting February 3rd. PlayStation Blog revealed that SuperGiant Game's Transistor will be available on PlayStation 4 to players with a subscription to the […]

Destiny Is The Most Downloaded Title On PlayStation 4

  We learned yesterday that Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare was the highest selling game of last year, but that list didn't account for digital sales, which is a rapidly growing market. While it would no doubt be hard to correlate all the digital purchases across platforms to paint a complete picture, we have been […]

Sweet Release! Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!, The Evil Within, The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2, Sleeping Dogs, PlayStation TV, Duck Dynasty

By Jared Cornelius Welcome back for another rundown of the week's hot new video game tape releases.  This week we've got two main themes, re-releases and horror, with a bit of both blended in for good measure.  That's right, dear reader, we're getting a couple of repackaging's including hardware this week.  We're seeing quite a few titles showing up for […]

Sweet Release! Destiny, Fable Anniversary PC, Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

By Jared Cornelius Since the beginning of August we've been treated to a steady stream of high profile new releases but today we've officially marked the start of the fall season's huge releases.  This week is the launch of what might be one of the biggest titles of the year and has pretty much overshadowed everything else for the week.  There's some games that fell […]

Sweet Release! Ultra Street Fighter IV, Crawl, Sacred 3, August's Free Games

By Jared Cornelius Hey gang, before we get started this week just a bit of housekeeping news, I've decided to retire the Live(ish) From The Games Shop moniker.  Without getting into the boring specifics, I got tired of my ego stroking Google searches turning up results for bait shops.  It's also made less sense since our beloved […]