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ABLAZE Launches Two New Comics by Maria Llovet
ABLAZE will debut a pair of new comic releases from acclaimed European creator Maria Llovet (Faithless, Heartbeat, Loud) as it spotlights the launch of her new horror series, PORCELAIN, which launches in August, and the September debut of a hardcover edition of Llovet's eerie boarding school love tale, EROS/PSYCHE Both titles will be releasing simultaneously[...]
Maria Llovet’s Porcelain On Front Of Next Week's Previews Catalogue
Maria Llovet's Porcelain launching from Ablaze on the 4th of August will be on the front cover of the June edition of Diamond Comic Distributors' Previews monthly catalogue This is a first for Ablaze. Additionally, Maria Llovet's Eros/Psyche HC, collecting the acclaimed 5 issue series from ABLAZE, is offered for an on-sale date of September 29th[...]
The Top UK Indie Comics Of 2015 – From Porcelain To Pantheon
PORCELAIN: BONE CHINA by Benjamin Read & Chris Wildgoose This is the second volume in the series of Porcelain graphic novels, the first being Porcelain: A Gothic Fairytale I picked that one up a year or two ago and thought it was fantastic: wonderfully written and realised and with some truly stunning artwork It was this[...]
Closing The Gate After The Butterfly Has Bolted
Looked at another way, as Adi so eloquently discussed with Doctor Who, they're about arming children to deal with death in particular and adult life in general. Butterfly Gate can take a place next to all of those books because, once again, Improper Books have published something extraordinary. Written by Benjamin Read and drawn by Chris Wildgoose,[...]
Improper Books Slay Storytelling Boundaries With Knight And Dragon
Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool; Porcelain, the first Improper Books title still hasn't been beaten as my comic of the year It's an amazing book, clever, horrid and beautiful and easily the most assured publisher debut I've seen in a long time Now, Improper have announced the follow up, Knight and Dragon Written by Matt[...]
Porcelain's Book Trailer As Carefully Crafted As The Book
Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool; Porcelain is my favorite book of the year so far Benjamin Read's script has the sort of delicate, precise touch that the best, most disturbing, fairy tales have The central friendship is delicately, touchingly built, the dialogue has some wonderful, subtle jokes and nuances to it and the moments of[...]
Porcelain Offered By Diamond In July, Thanks To Improper Behaviour
Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool; Porcelain, the first release from Improper Books, has made a hell of an impression since release Written by Benjamin Read with art by Chris Wildgoose, Andre May and Alexa Rosa and letters by Jim Campbell, it was initially offered for sale through Page 45 and the branches of Travelling Man[...]
Porcelain And A Bubble
Improper Books are selling a limited B&W edition of Butterfly Gate: Beginnings at Thought Bubble in Leeds in a week and a half's time as well as free promo pieces for their upcoming graphic novel, Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale, also be available from Page 45, Travelling Man, Gosh! and Orbital. Written by Benjamin Read, illustrated[...]