Prints Charming – Archie Reprinted Only To Die Again, As Well As Spider-Man 2099, Grayson, Ms Marvel, Harley Quinn, The Wicked + The Divine

Consider this an irregular feature looking at comic books that have gone to second prints or more. Now, it is worth remembering that some publishers plan second prints automatically, whether they are needed or not and will often just run extra first print copies in the initial run, set them aside and put a second print cover on them. It can be a marketing strategy, showing that there is confidence in the performance of the book, get a headline or three and use it to persuade retailers to up their orders of subsequent books. And comics news reporting sites become implicit in that market distortion every time we run them as a story. Also your store may still have the first prints in stock, but this will let your store order a few more

But hey ho, away we go. In for a penny…

LifeWithArchie_36_Magazine2ndPrintHere's the second print of the Life With Archie #36 comic… with the surrounding content knocked out into black and white.

Grayson #1 has also getting a second printing with a recoloured version of the original Andrew Robinson cover. Harley Quinn #4 is also getting a second print, as are both Ms Marvel #4 and #5. Jamie McKelvie who drew a cover for one of them, also drew The Wicked + The Divine #2, also getting a second print, as is Spider-Man 2099 #1…

And I notice a similarity in approach….


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