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New PlayStation Video Seems To Confirm Detroit: Become Human For 2017
The game showed at E3, but bar that, it has been almost radio silent from Quantic Dream. However, we do have a nice new detail, and that is we aren't too far from the game The title turned up in this PlayStation 4 sizzle reel titled 'Coming to PlayStation in 2017' It should take too much[...]
Detroit Become Human Shows Off Extensive Player Choice In E3 Trailer
Quantic Dream are developer known for their choice based gaming They've made a name on it, and, if nothing else, generally put out fascinating titles based on the idea of narrative choice, for good or for ill. In the trailer, it's hard to know if anything has changed during Detroit Become Human's production, but what was[...]
Quantic Dream Announce New Game Detroit
Quantic Dream are one of Sony's most recognisable developers Their narrative heavy content is quite controversial, but seeing what they do next will always be fascinating, to me anyways. Today at Sony's Paris Game Week conference, developer lead David Cage announced their next game, Detroit It focuses on Kara, an Android, and seems to be focused[...]
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Gets A Remaster And It's Out Today
Quantic Dream are known for their overly 'cinematic' games, melding classic film techniques with adventure game style choice It's an acquired taste and one that hasn't quite sat well with me in a while. The last time I did really enjoy a title from the studio was Fahrenheit, or Indigo Prophecy if you're in the States[...]