Did A Few Former Quantic Dream Writers Actually Reveal A Few Unannounced Projects? Probably Not.


The French dev studio Quantric Dream is known mostly for their work on games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human but a few former employees seem to have leaked information regarding the studio's unannounced projects. How did they do it? LinkedIn, the most buttoned-up of social media platforms, was their outlet of choice. Bit of a strange decision, but the news was noticed rather quickly despite that.

A Russian fansite dedicated to the studio unearthed what they believed to be the LinkedIn accounts of two former scriptwriters for the studio. However, in the days since the possible leak, the post on the site detailing the accounts was deleted.

GameInformer, who picked up the story earlier in the week, seemed to believe that the accounts "appear legit" but also that the projects listed might not even be fully games. Quantic's David Cage is somewhat known for talking about projects that are simply tech demos, and these possible projects could have been similar. They also could have been small projects that were shelved early on in the process.

vgleaks who specifically cover video game leaks included links to the two profiles in question, but both writers' LinkedIn pages had been scrubbed of any mentions of projects other than Detroit and Heavy Rain. vgleaks cautioned their readers to take this rumor with "tons of salt."

Given that the fansite has taken down their report, we could read this two ways. The first is simplest, the accounts were not what they appeared to be and Quantic requested the post be taken down. Bogus social media accounts are a thing, though a bit harder to make on LinkedIn than say, Twitter. The second theory is that the profiles were indeed legitimate and Quantic requested the post be taken down for revealing trade secrets.

Ultimately, despite tons of digging through all the data I could find, I haven't been able to get anything conclusive. I did reach out to Quantic for comment, but have yet to hear back from the official channels. Sure, the studio is definitely working on new content, but both writers in question left Quantic by 2015, so any information they'd have is likely rather out of date. All in all, this one almost certainly screams bust.

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