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Alan Wake
Remedy has been out talking about its IPs, saying that it never made sequels to Alan Wake or Quantum Break because they are in the hands of Microsoft. Alan Wake and, to some degree, Quantum Break have become cult-y favourites of many Remedy Entertainment is well known for its single-player third-person narratively focused games, with both[...]
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Remedy are best known for their Max Payne series, but they're also the folks behind Quantum Break and Alan Wake. The third-person action game was referenced in the company's financial statement and is currently in production, and progressing according to plans Not that we know much of what that means, but any time a game is doing well in development, it[...]
Remedy Entertainment Quantum Break
From the Max Payne series to Alan Wake to Quantum Break, each is rather unique and interesting in their own way Not every studio has a huge sense of identity but Remedy Entertainment is definitely one such studio It means there is a real interest whenever they are putting out out a new title[...]
Remedy Entertainment Quantum Break
If you're planning to update Quantum Break on Xbox One today, you might want to make sure you have enough hard drive space According to users on Reddit, the new update pushes the game into ungodly ridiculous storage territory as it currently sits at 178GB A good chunk of that memory is the TV show,[...]
Microsoft Will Only Put Games On Steam 'When It Makes Sense'
The other week, it became known that Quantum Break was escaping the schackles of the Windows store and coming to Steam, which got a lot of people excited Did this mean, eventually, would all Microsoft games on the PC come to the platform eventually? Well, when speaking to DualShockers, Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg pumped the breaks[...]
Quantum Break Is Getting A Steam Release Next Month
It's been announced that Quantum Break will be coming to Steam on September 13th It also works all the way down to Windows 7, so no need to subscribe to Windows 10 which you previously had to be. This is great in my book The less walls around these Xbox One games on PC the better[...]
The 25 Best Games Already Out This Year
From the Stellar Dark Zone mode, to the loot chase, there is plenty to admire. Quantum Break While I am on the record for having significant problems with Quantum Break, it's hard not to admire large portions of it The game has neat combat mechanics and a fully fledged TV show running through out it[...]
Remedy Entertainment Has A Quantum Break Launch Message And Trailer For You
Quantum Break is out today, which will please the Xbox One, PC (although I've heard the game has problems on the platform) and Remedy Entertainment fans While I wasn't bowled over at the outing, plenty of outlets were and I hope a bunch of people have a good time with it. For those of you ready[...]
Quantum Break Could Be A Mega Hit Based On Pre-Orders Says Xbox Exec
Quantum Break's review embargo is now up, and it's getting scores all over the shop Some have decided to go with perfect scores, others with as low as two out of five stars It's proving to be an incredibly decisive title. According to Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg, the game is tracking really well too[...]
Quantum Break Review – Perhaps Not This Time
The creators of Alan Wake and Max Payne, they have a real knack for storytelling in an action third person game and that's why I've eagerly been looking forward to Quantum Break There is pedigree, plus the time bending premise of the game and its framing devices, left enough to he hopeful. What has come to pass[...]
The Live Action TV Show Is The Focus Of This Quantum Break Trailer
I've been slowly making my way through Quantum Break of late ready for our review, which should go up Friday I won't go into it my feeling on the game yet, but needless to say, there's lots to talk about. One of the things that will undoubtedly get a lot of attention is the live action TV[...]
Quantum Break Only Runs At 720p Says Report But It Is Still 'Stunning'
A report has come out that says that Xbox One console exclusive Quantum Break mostly runs at 720p. Digital Foundry had done tests on Remedy Entertainment's new title and have found that the game mostly runs at lower resolution They say: In every scene tested so far, a native resolution of 720p is the consistent result found in each[...]
This Quantum Break Launch Trailer Sure Is Moody
While their purpose would appear quite overt, they rarely actually come out on the day, or even week of a game's launch. On that note, here is a Quantum Break trailer three weeks ahead of the game's scheduled release It's all rather moody, invoking Nirvana and hinting at the timey-wimey premise of the game. Take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eU17_kd-e4w I[...]
Alan Wake
Well, Wake fans, allow me to break your hearts. It turns out this is just a show inside the Quantum Break reality, more of an easteregg than anything The show can be seen in the upcoming game and Remedy's Sam Lake says that filing that trademark was just admin Speaking to Kotaku, he said: A big part of[...]