Remedy Entertainment's Next Game Set to Release Next Year

Remedy Entertainment has said their next game, codenamed P7, is set to release next year.

Remedy Entertainment Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment always make some pretty unique games. From the Max Payne series to Alan Wake to Quantum Break, each is rather unique and interesting in their own way. Not every studio has a huge sense of identity but Remedy Entertainment is definitely one such studio. It means there is a real interest whenever they are putting out out a new title. We've known for a little while that the team has been working on something codenamed P7 (which stands for Project 7) and even learnt some details, such as it being something Destiny-like.

Well, now we have a good idea of how far away it is… and it is not all that long at all. In a financial statement (via IGN), the developer references the project and says:

Project P7, that is being done with 505 Games S.p.A., proceeded from the pre-production phase to the production phase at the beginning of the period under review. The development of the game has progressed according to our plans. P7 is expected to be released during 2019.

I suppose the question is now, when can we expect to actually see it? With a release set for next year, one has to imagine that it is a shoe-in for an E3 entrance. Where it would turn up would be interesting though. While the company has favoured Xbox in the past, coming under 505 Games, it could show up at just about any show. We'll certainly have our eyes on it.

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