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Blade Of Darkness Heads To Consoles While PC Gets An HD Upgrade
QubicGames revealed this week that they will be releasing Blade Of Darkness for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, while the PC version will be upgraded The two essentially go hand-in-hand as the console version will be presented in HD anyway, so they decided to give PC players a free upgrade so they can experience what[...]
Blade Of Darkness Has Been Released For The Nintendo Switch
QubicGames has released Blade Of Darkness for the Nintendo Switch this week, bringing the classic game over to the portable console This is the 2021 version of the game that was released by SNEG for PC last year, which is a remaster of the original from 2001 Much like that version, you're getting the complete[...]
LOUD Receives New Gameplay Video Ahead Of Switch Release
Developer HyperStrange and publisher QubicGames released a new gameplay trailer for LOUD before the game drops on Nintendo Switch If you haven't seen this game yet, this is an arcade guitar title in which you play as a young girl who has no ambition about growing up, but she absolutely can shred a guitar and[...]
QubicGames Revealed Multiple Games Coming To Switch
QubicGames threw their own version of the Nintendo Direct today, featuring multiple games coming to the Switch The company will have at least eight games coming to the console across three different IPs Fans of the Bit.Trip series will be happy to know their Wii U titles are on the way to the console, along[...]