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Amazing Spider-Man #88 Revives Mark Millar's Big Marvel Conspiracy
And, in battle in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #12, he confirms it all. Fiving Spider-Man quite teh existential crisis of it all. Well in today's Amazing Spider-Man #88, the first appearance of the new Queen Goblin, the Beyond Corporation are behind Ben Reilly being the new Spider-Man His suit, his new weapons, everything But what is the motivation? Norman[...]
always sunny
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. LITG Image: Simplecast LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Drops First 3 Podcast Eps Marvel Spills Identity Of Spider-Man's Queen Goblin On Variant Cover Calvin And Hobbes Rare Teaching Book On Auction Today Full DC Comics Solicitations For February 2022 – Not Just Batman AEW Dynamite:[...]
Full Marvel Comics February 2022 Solicits & Solicitations
Marvel Comics has been advertising the appearance of a new villain in the Spider-Man Beyond comic books, the red-skinned Queen Goblin But in Marvel Comics' solicitations for February 2022, a design variant cover shows off Patrick Gleason's notes for the creation of the character – including her secret identity Secret identities have been unfashionable, but[...]
Marvel Reveals Details on Queen Goblin, February Spider-Man Books
Shortly after teasing the new character on Twitter but long enough to allow us to double-dip on this story and get paid twice for writing the same thing, Marvel has revealed more details about the upcoming Spider-villain, Queen Goblin, who will debut in Amazing Spider-Man in February A press release from the House of Ideas[...]
Marvel Introduces Queen Goblin, Not to Be Confused with Goblin Queen
This new villain, who we understand will be called The Queen Goblin, has her own goblin glider, her own flaming goblin-themed American Gladiators joust stick, and a penchant for terrorizing Spider-Man in her underwear Beyond that, not much is known about the character, except that she should absolutely not be confused with The Goblin Queen,[...]