Marvel Introduces Queen Goblin, Not to Be Confused with Goblin Queen

Marvel Comics is introducing a new Spider-villain in February, a series of teasers posted to the Spider-Man Twitter account revealed. This new villain, who we understand will be called The Queen Goblin, has her own goblin glider, her own flaming goblin-themed American Gladiators joust stick, and a penchant for terrorizing Spider-Man in her underwear. Beyond that, not much is known about the character, except that she should absolutely not be confused with The Goblin Queen, a totally different character from the X-Men mythos also making her return soon. Whoever said comics were simple?

Marvel Introduces Queen Goblin, Not to Be Confused with Goblin Queen
The Queen Goblin, not to be confused with The Goblin Queen, will make her debut in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man in February from Marvel Comics.

Here's the series of teasers the Spider-Man account posted on Twitter:

Who is this new Queen Goblin? By what right of lineage does she claim to be Goblin royalty? What does she want with Spider-Man? What does she have against pants? Will Fox News catch wind of this and will its pundits start complaining that the beloved capitalist man Norman Osborn has been replaced by a woman whose color suggests she may be some kind of socialist? Or is communism just a red herring? These and many more questions may or may not be answered this February, and we may or may not learn more information soon. Well, we probably will, as soon as Rich Johnston gets off his ass, puts on his potted plant costume, and hides in CB Cebulski's office for a week or two to gather intel. The things he's seen, little bleeders. Stuff you couldn't imagine.

All of that aside, the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man #79, is set to hit stores on November 24th, so you might as well just start buying them now, true believers, in case there are any clues to decipher as to The Queen Goblin's identity.

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