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Convenience Store Woman: Dark Satire about a Nonconformity
Convenience Store Woman is one of those things that BBC Radio Drama has done brilliantly for decades to the point of everyone taking it for granted: an adaptation of an acclaimed novel from another country Keiko (Yuriri Naka) is a 36-year-old woman who's been working in the same Tokyo convenience store for eighteen years, her[...]
Lord of the Rings: Sean Astin Recalls Fan Encounter on Troll Plot Hole
" The Observer's critic described the dramatisation as "the best light listening for the next five weeks". It wasn't until 1981 that a more complete radio drama adaptation of The Lord of the Rings was produced by the BBC That was a 13-hour series that covered all 3 books featured Ian Holm as Frodo and a[...]
Deacon: a Superb New Urban Supernatural Drama on BBC Radio 4
The producer in my case John Norton is a creative being who can help spot clankers and so forth but essentially, they are trying to tell your story. Our national TV and radio broadcaster the BBC is the main outlet for radio drama and offers a range of slots for writers to pitch towards The afternoon[...]
Let's face it, radio drama is really TV without pictures, and with the sardonic and angst-ridden William Palmer facing up to people like the King of the Greyfollk, the show is virtually Hellblazer with the serial numbers shaved off Until US network TV brought a more cartoonish version of John Constantine to his own show[...]