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Pilgrim: The Timbermoor Imp Part 2 Unleashes More Halloween Thrills

BBC Radio 4 released Part 2 of Pilgrim: The Timbermoor Imp just in time for Halloween. Creator Sebastian Baczkiewicz has brought the series back for a special 2-parter that's effectively its 9th series, which is pretty impressive. If you're after a Halloween and a John Constantine fix, this is the closest you're going to get. Paul Hilton plays William Palmer, an immortal wanderer from the 11th Century, cursed with unending life by the king of the faeries after he provoked him by saying his belief in the other world.

Now Palmer is still alive in the 21st Century, desperate to die and disallowed from dying. He spends his life now as a mediator for Earth and the other realm. Beings from the other world like to come to this one and interfere with people, do deals with them, enchant them with magick, and causing chaos. That's where William Palmer comes in. He has no special powers, only his skills at negotiation and solving problems. The King of the Grey Folk has placed his mark upon Palmer which forbids anyone from the other realm from hurting or interfering with him, which makes Palmer the perfect mediator for problems.

Pilgrim: BBC Radio's Immortal Wanderer Returns for Halloween Special
Paul Hilton plays William Palmer in "PIlgrim", BBC Radio

In Part 1 of Pilgrim: The Timbermoor Imp, immortal wanderer William Palmer arrives in the town of Timbermoor to donate a priceless lost Turner painting to the local museum to keep it open and one particularly shabby exhibit safe. However, that exhibit, an old farmer's boot, falls into the hands of an angry teenager who's been ostracized by the community over the drug-related death of his friend. Rabbit Owens (Louis Jay Jordan) wants revenge on the drug dealers who caused the death of his friends and the locals who have been treating him like dirt. That opens an opportunity for the Timbermoor Imp to get free from the old boot that Palmer had trapped her in decades before.

Making Deals at the Dance of the Dead

In Part 2, Sally Mop (Jane Whittenshaw), the Timbermoor Imp, has been set free and gives Rabbit his wish. She's transformed him into the head of the police force with the whole town under his thraw; so he can take revenge on the townsfolk on Halloween night. The recently-dead are set to dance to freedom as Rabbit is set to make a deal with the overseer of the underworld Mr. Buttoner (Roger Ringrose) to get what he thinks he wants, unaware of the real price he would be paying. It's up to Palmer, who has a history with both Sally Mop and Mr. Buttoner, to stop all Hell from literally breaking loose. He can't directly intervene, only put a word in people's ears. As the one man who can't be killed or magicked, Palmer has to cajole, scold, shame, flatter, and manipulate everyone, especially Rabbit, to save the day. Language becomes a weapon that Palmer, Mr. Buttoner, and Sally Mop use like knives. Every polite and gracious utterance holds subtexts of rage, sarcasm, malice, and revenge under the tongue as Palmer proves the master of the game and why he's the King of the Grey Folks' favorite mediator. The man who literally walks between the realms of real and the Faerie, between Life and Death, proves once again words are the most dangerous magick of all.

Pilgrim: The Timbermoor Imp Part 2 is streaming on the BBC Radio website for a year.

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