Pilgrim: BBC Radio's Immortal Wanderer Returns for Halloween Special

Pilgrim, the creation of Sebastian Baczkewicz that lasted 7 series on BBC Radio 4 before ending its run last year, returns for a 2-part special, "The Timbermoor Imp". The first part is up on the BBC website and Sounds app for 2 weeks. The second part will be up from next Friday. Paul Hilton plays William Palmer, an immortal wanderer from the 11th Century, cursed with unending life by the king of the faeries after he provoked him by saying he believed in the other world. Now Palmer is still alive in the 21st Century, desperate to die and disallowed from dying.

Pilgrim: BBC Radio's Immortal Wanderer Returns for Halloween Special
Paul Hilton plays William Palmer in "Pilgrim", BBC Radio

He spends his life now as a mediator for Earth and the other realm. Beings from the other world like to come to this one and interfere with people, do deals with them, enchant them with magick, and causing chaos. That's where William Palmer comes in. He has no special powers, only his skills at negotiation and solving problems. The King of the Grey Folk has placed his mark upon Palmer which forbids anyone from the other realm from hurting or interfering with him, which makes Palmer the perfect mediator for problems.

Pilgrim: BBC Radio's Immortal Wanderer Returns for Halloween Special
Writer Sebastian Baczkewicz and Paul Hilton, "Pilgrim", BBC Radio

The clash of old English folklore and Magick against the modern world is reminiscent of Hellblazer. Pilgrim is the closest we're going to get to a proper English supernatural fantasy series. A hapless human who comes under the influence of Grey Folk Magick is a common story in Pilgrim. Palmer always shows up to try to stop things from going out of control. "The Timbermoor Imp" finds Palmer donating a priceless Turner painting to Timbermoor Museum and sticking around the town to investigate an angry delinquent doing the bidding a magic boot, mysterious disappearances, and menacing wallpaper people, and the realm of the dead on the outskirts of town.

Pilgrim: The Timbermoor Imp Part 1 is available for streaming and download on the BBC website. Part 2 will be up next Friday.

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