Rainbow Raider

Flash Villain Or Cupcake&#8230 No Seriously

Flash Villain Or Cupcake… No Seriously

I got one wrong...Names like: Rainbow Raider, Cherry Bomb, Tar Pit, The Turtle and Snowball can kind of go either way and one is both.[youtube]https://youtu.be/MCh9JSItuLE[/youtube] Well, this is just silly.. but it's kind of fun too DC All-Access has made up this little trivia video to see if you can guess which names are part[...]

What Were They Thinking &#8211 Rainbow Raider

What Were They Thinking? – Rainbow Raider

Recently Geoff Johns lets his feeling about the Rainbow Raider come out, basically saying he will never give the character a chance Well, it almost sounds to me like Mr Johns is saying, “What were they thinking?”The Rainbow Raider is an interesting character in that he is a product of his day He was created[...]