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WWE Superstars Are Now Added To "Brawlhala"

Four WWE Superstars Are Now Added To "Brawlhalla"

Ubisoft unveiled today that four more WWE superstars would be making their way into Brawlhalla, joining The Rock, John Cena, Becky Lynch, and Xavier Woods. The four new names jumping in are "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Roman Reigns, Asuka, and The Undertaker. We have a trailer for all four as well as what they can […]

Mattel WWE Retrofest Macho Man Figure

Lets Take a Look at Mattel's WWE Retrofest Macho Man Figure

WWE collectors…we are a curious bunch. We will buy the same wrestlers over and over again, as some attires remind us of our favorite matches, some are wonderful examples of how far we have come from the LJN and Hasbro days. And some are all about the packaging. The new Gamestop exclusive WWE RetroFest Elite […]

Macho Man Gets Immortalized In Latest Mattel WWE Defining Moments Figure

Mattel has been producing quality WWE figures for years now (non-wrestling is another story). If anything, the only problem is that there are too many, between basic figures, elites, battle packs, defining moments, retro figs, tough talkers, exclusives, rings; it becomes difficult to find the time and money to keep up with it all. Waves […]

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Denies Wrestlemania Return Again, This Time Has Alibi Prepared

Disgraced pro wrestler Hulk Hogan has been denying rumors he will return to WWE at this year's Wrestlemania since at least November, when his daughter Brooke let slip to TMZ that he was preparing for the event. Hogan was fired from WWE in 2015 after a recording of an n-word laced racist rant by The […]

Swipe File: Macho Man Randy Savage

Eric Kim is a Toronto area comic artist, interviewed with this drawing of pro-wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage. But it appears that Freeze Central Mills Inc  took the artwork without permission for Christmas sweat shirts…   On sale right at.Extreme Wrestling Shirts… Also being sold on 80s Tees. Eric did hire a lawyer and try to work something out, but […]