Macho Man Gets Immortalized In Latest Mattel WWE Defining Moments Figure


Mattel has been producing quality WWE figures for years now (non-wrestling is another story). If anything, the only problem is that there are too many, between basic figures, elites, battle packs, defining moments, retro figs, tough talkers, exclusives, rings; it becomes difficult to find the time and money to keep up with it all. Waves hit every couple months now, sometimes multiple within a week or two of others. And the vast majority of the figures are very well done, so being all in one the line is a tall task. But every once in awhile, one figure will be so well done and so awesome that it requires an automatic purchase. That is the case with the new Defining Moments "Macho Man" Randy Savage figure.

They really go out of their way to make sure the Defining Moments figures have great packaging. The box is bigger than the normal figures and the front has a giant window box to show off the figure inside. The side panels depict the contents, and the back always has the information on what moment the figure is based on. This particular Randy Savage figure is based on his attire from Wrestlemania 3, where Savage had one of the all-time greatest matches with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. This is the second Macho Man Defining Moments figure released. A few years ago they also did one based on his appearance at Wrestlemania 7.

And part of that great match was his entrance robe. They really made this one special. The fabric lays really well across the figures shoulders, especially when you spread the arms out. There are velcro pieces to hold it closed in the front as well. That is the main focus of the figure, and rightfully so, Mattel did a great job on it. Randy also come with his headband and sunglasses, and once those are removed one of the only issues with this figure is apparent. The face sculpt just is not the greatest. It is not the worst I have ever seen, and in person it looks much better than in photos. But it is just not great. The rest of the figure is great, I wish the tights were a little darker to closely resemble his trunks from that night, but they are close enough. Really, there is no reason to display this figure without the accessories anyway, so these issues for me at least will not be a big deal. The only real missed opportunity here was the lack of an included Intercontinental Championship.


For being a figure celebrating one of the most iconic wrestlers of all-time, in one of the greatest matches ever, this becomes a must-own. But when the figure is loose, display it with the fantastic entrance gear  and have a keepsake honoring one of the greats on your shelf forever.

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