Lets Take a Look at Mattel's WWE Retrofest Macho Man Figure

WWE collectors…we are a curious bunch. We will buy the same wrestlers over and over again, as some attires remind us of our favorite matches, some are wonderful examples of how far we have come from the LJN and Hasbro days. And some are all about the packaging. The new Gamestop exclusive WWE RetroFest Elite figures fall into that category. When announced, the figures were met with a shrug, until we saw what the box looked like.

Lets not beat around the bush. This is the best packaging for any wrestling figure ever. Period. There is no reason at all to debate that. Housed in a box styled after an old arcade cabinet, the first figure in this new line is the Macho Man Randy Savage. The box is just too sweet. It features a window box where the cabinet screen would be, showing off the top half of the figure. On the flap: arcade buttons. When turned on the side, you get a great profile shot of the arcade cabinet box. On the back is Randy's stats, presented kind of like how the profile boxes are in a WWE game. They nailed all of this, right down to the color scheme.

Let me tell you this: they do not want you to open this figure. I didn't want to either once I saw the box. But each part of the box has a flap and they are all taped down. The figure tray is the same shape and mold as the box, so you can't just cut the bottom and slide the figure out of the box. That was a little bothersome, since I had to open this one.

Once you get the figure out, it is a bit of a mixed bag. With his molded shirt, glasses, and hat on he looks pretty sharp. Randy is relatively easy to pose, although his legs feels a bit long here. Mine also has paint quality issues, red and blue splotches of paint mixed into the white everywhere. They have certainly done better and more iconic Macho Man figures in the past. But this one, paint issues aside, is not bad.

Overall, at $35 for basically a regular Elite figure, it is a tad on the expensive side. The packaging almost makes this one a must buy, but only if you never plan on opening it. The next figure in the WWE RetroFest line will be a Rockers version of Shawn Michaels, and the third will be the Honky Tonk Man. You can order one of these for yourself right here. 

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