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How To Get Every Issue Of Locke & Key For $15

Particularly interesting to me is the Ray Bradbury tribute collection Shadow Show, which contains contributions from Eddie Campbell, Audrey Niffeneffer, and Dave Eggers.[caption id="attachment_1206272" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Joe Hill's Humble Bundle Credit: IDW and Humble Bundle.[/caption]Hill and IDW chose two charities: the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, and Donors Choose.While six volumes plus another trade's worth of[...]

Fahrenheit 451: Michael B. Jordan Wants to Burn in HBO Teaser

Viewers are starting to get a clearer understanding of HBO's vision of the totalitarian future established by Ray Bradbury in his classic novel Fahrenheit 451 with the release of the newest teaser for the cable giant's film adaptation Directed by Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes) from a script by Bahrani and Amir Naderi (Magic Lantern), the film[...]

heritage auctions rare books

Heritage Auctions Has a Rare Book Auction Coming in March That Will Blow Your Mind

Pretty much every important work of fiction from the early to mid-20th century is here, with works by such heavyweights as James Joyce, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, Leo Tolstoy, Issac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, L Frank Baum, Truman Capote.. the list goes on and on.[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="790883,790880"]Auctions of this magnitude and size do[...]

Fahrenheit 451: HBO Releases Teaser for Ray Bradbury Adaptation

HBO's vision of the totalitarian future from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is starting to get a little clearer, as the cable giant released the first teaser for their film adaptation of the classic novel Directed by Ramin Bahrani from a script by Bahrani and Amir Naderi, the film stars Michael B Jordan (Fruitvale Station), Michael[...]

James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction Looks to Sci-Fi's Past and Future

Wells there wouldn’t have been Ray Bradbury or Robert A Heinlein, and without them, there wouldn’t be Lucas, Spielberg, Ridley Scott or me As a filmmaker who specializes in science fiction, I’m interested in exploring the struggles and the triumphs that brought these incredible stories to life and seeing how art imitates life, as well[...]

HBO 'Fahrenheit 451' Casts Vlogger Lilly Singh In Familiar Role

The totalitarian future of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 continues to take shape as HBO Films announced the casting of YouTube personality Lilly Singh in their film adaptation of the iconic novel Under the direction of Ramin Bahrani and from a script by Bahrani and Amir Naderi, the adaptation also stars Michael B Jordan (Fruitvale Station), Michael Shannon[...]

Thor's Comic Review Column – Big Game Hunter, Secret Six, Escape From New York, Shadow Show

There’s certainly a retro-futurism going on here that’s fascinating, with cassettes and the Soviet Union existing alongside advanced technology, but let’s hope Sebela digs a little deeper with a character that risks superficiality if not handled with the right touch.Shadow Show #1 (IDW Publishing)By Bart BishopI am not that familiar with Ray Bradbury, having only[...]

Chills & Goosebumps With R.L. Stine At NYCC

Though the major enabler of his horror love was going every weekend to the movie theater twith his brother to go watch horror movies.What turned him into reading books was being given a Ray Bradbury book as a kid when his mom dropped him at the library once His books captivated him with his great[...]

Paramount Don't Want Dune, They Want The Martian Chronicles

The same studio that just a few weeks back tossed aside the in-development movie of Dune have now shelled out for the rights to Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles.Whereas Dune has a pretty clean central plotline, albeit one surrounded by a kaleidoscope of invented contexts, Chronicles is structured in a much more fragmented fashion, compiling[...]