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Who Will Be The New Phoenix Of The Marvel Universe From April 2021?
Could it suggest that something is being… reborn? Who Will Be The New Phoenix Of The Marvel Universe From April 2021? AVENGERS #45 JASON AARON (W) • LUCA MARESCA (A) • COVER BY CORY SMITH REBORN VARIANT COVER BY TBA THE AVENGERS JOIN THE BATTLE AGAINST THE KING IN BLACK! The year's most epic event explodes in the pages of AVENGERS[...]
The Film Adaptation of Mark Millar's Reborn Has Found a Writer
Reborn isn't the only adaptation that they are working on from that sale, but it already has some big names attached. Chris McKay, who directed the best Batman movie ever made, aka The LEGO Batman Movie, has signed on to direct and Sandra Bullock, who also found massive Netflix success with Bird Box, has signed on to produce[...]
TOLDJA: Deadline Announces Mark Millar And Greg Capullo's Reborn For October
We told you in March that it looked like Mark Millar was writing a new comic called Reborn. Today, Deadline has arranged a PR release of the news that Reborn will be by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo, and published in October. Last month, Millar said that nobody knew the title of his comic with Capullo[...]
Could David Icke Be Reborn With Mark Millar? Or Is It Another Conspiracy Theory?
This is a conspiracy theory. Two weeks ago, we noticed that Mark Millar had a new comic book planned called Reborn. He also announced that he was spending time with this individual, David Icke. Just spent the day with this fine gent @davidicke Will explain why next week… — Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) March 26, 2016 Could they be connected? We ask because Millar[...]
Swipe File: A Tale Of Two Teasers
This is an image just teased by Marvel… And this is another teaser from not so long ago, that led into Captain America: Reborn. So… I wonder who's getting born again this time? Another Winter Soldier? How many did Russia have? In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some[...]
New Johnny English Reborn Poster At MCM London Expo – UPDATE
Johnny English Reborn is releasing across Europe in September and October MCM is happening in, oooh, a few hours now. [youtube][/youtube] UPDATE: I have now procured a hi-res copy of the second poster, so here it is. From the floor of London's MCM Expo starting today, is the first look at a posters for Rowan Atkinson's upcoming[...]
Robert Kirkman Punks Comics Industry
Image Comics sent out a very entertaining press release today. In the wake of Marvel's decision to restrict solicitation information for comic books in
Speculator Corner: Captain America #600 Part Two
Some retailers may have copies for quite some time. However, according to reviews, buying one copy and enjoying it, could be a very good investment indeed. And the LA Times have a preview of Reborn, the series that will spinoff from the still-indeterminant revival of Steve Rogers Which looks darn pretty too. Speculation alert over! Now, let's[...]
Tomorrow Is Captain America Day!
And while many expected Steve Rogers to somehow rise from the grave and take his costume back in time for next year's First Avenger: Captain America movie, no one expected it quite so soon. And with Ed Brubaker and Bryan Hitch's series Reborn tied in so strongly, there are a lot of eyes on tomorrow's activity. And[...]
Captain America: Better Dead Than Red Herring
Okay, everyone I talk to in a position to know (and happy to share with me) says that Captain America #600 and Reborn #1 will feature the return of Steve Rogers to the role of Captain America by some undisclosed (to me, at least) means. But which Steve Rogers? With the three-and-three-quarter inch Ultimate Captain America figures[...]