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Giveaway: Win A Digital Redbox Code For The Commando
Would you like to win a digital copy of the film The Commando on Redbox? All you need is a Twitter account to take part in it We've been given the chance to give away a couple of copies of the film from Saban Films for you to download via Redbox, so you can watch[...]
Giveaway: Redbox Codes For Deadlock Starring Bruce Willis
Would you like to win a Redbox code to watch the film Deadlock from Saban Films? All you need is a Twitter account to do so We've been given the chance to give away a couple of codes to watch the film, which came out on December 3rd So if you haven't had a chance[...]
Redbox Has Stopped Offering Video Game Rentals
As Redbox slowly drifts into obscurity in a digital age, it appears the company is shutting down one aspect of their business with video game rentals A few different notices have gone up on Reddit today, pointing out that the company has removed the option to rent games across the country And indeed, on their[...]
Kevin Smith Asks Redbox to Replace RST Video in 'Jay and Silent Bob' Reboot
Kevin Smith has a request for Redbox to help update his latest film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, in reflecting on contemporary times with a donation of a kiosk. RST Video was featured in Smith's 1994 breakout hit, Clerks The now-defunct store became an iconic part of the View Askewniverse Now spanning seven films, the reboot marks the[...]
Redbox Is Now Going To Have Nintendo Switch Games In The U.S.
Make whatever jokes you'd like about Redbox being one of the last places to get physical copies of titles in a dying industry, but there's still a good chunk of America who uses their system for quick rentals No joke here, there's a Redbox near my place at a 7-11, and it has a line[...]