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Frances Barber, A Positive Trump Voting Anti-Vaxxer in The Unfriend
This is summed up in Reece Shearsmith's character Peter's decision over whether or not to eat a sandwich which may or may not be poisoned He decides to eat a corner of it, as if this was some kind of compromise, to "split the difference" rather than be impolite Despite that, when it comes to[...]
Explaining The End Of BBC2's Stag? (SPOILERS) UPDATE
so let's run this image first, run the questions posed and then try and answer them. Do not continue unless you have seen all of Stag, currently available on the iPlayer… Who was the policeman at the end of Stag?? — Tony (@Cosmochuria) March 12, 2016 Can someone explain how Wendy was still alive and a Policeman? #Stag — SMG[...]