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It Wouldn't Be A Stretch For Miles Teller To Play Reed Richards Again
Teller played Reed Richards in Fox's latest attempt at a Fantastic Four movie And where the film was not loved by fans nor critics and only took in $56 million, the actor said he would be willing to do a sequel. Yeah, for sure I loved the cast, I loved the characters I think it's such[...]
Revealed: Reed Richards Personally Erased Doctor Strange's Memory Of The Secret Wars
Probably Old Man Logan. But while most folk seem to have had their memories altered by changing reality, Doctor Strange – who was killed by Doctor Doom in Secret Wars has had his memories personally removed by Reed Richards. At least that's what it says in the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe guidebook update volume published today. So Reed[...]
Fantastic Four B-Roll Hints At Deleted Scenes Including Flying Car
The flying car is referenced during Reed Richards' school presentation and that was it Well, it seems that Josh Trank had a plan to use it to get them back to Planet X or something That would have been a nice payoff. Also, we get a good look at Michael B Jordan's suit for doing the Human[...]
Getting To Know Reed Richards In Latest Fantastic Four Featurette
In this latest featurette from Fox, we get a look into the character of Reed Richards as played by Miles Teller in the upcoming Fantastic Four film Richards is the smartest one in the room even as a child and has been focused on creating a quantum gate His experiments lead him to a school[...]
Fantastic Four Featurette – The Real Possibilities Of Alternate Realities
One of the changes that director Josh Trank has made to the origin story is that instead of going into space and getting changed by gamma rays, Reed Richards (Miles Teller) finds a way to breach the walls between realities Kaku explains that some scientists believe the possibility that alternate realities exist. Fantastic Four opens August[...]
Fox Releases Final Trailer For Fantastic Four
The trailer gives us lots of new footage including Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) as kids They also stress a lot more about the family aspect of the team and we get a far better idea of the threat of Doctor Doom. Fantastic Four opens August 7th. Fox has released the final[...]
The All-New Hulk Is…? Part Two
On Friday, Bleeding Cool ran a rumour from an unknown, unverifiable and unsure source, that the new Hulk wold be the Ultimate Mister Fantastic. An
New Fantastic Four Footage In Phone App Commercial
In the footage used we get to see Johnny Storm, Reed Richards, Sue Storm and Ben Grimm use their powers There is also a guy named Carl who can book tickets from his phone I don't think Carl is going to be in the film. Fantastic Four will be in theaters August 7th. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Why Miles Teller Was The Right Choice For Mr. Fantastic
In this quick featurette we learn from director Josh Trank and writer Simon Kinberg just why Miles Teller was the right choice to play Reed Richards / Mr Fantastic in the Fox reboot of the Fantastic Four They say the desire to make the film grounded led them to cast the best dramatic actors for[...]