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2017 TV Countdown #1: Fandom Loses Richard Hatch, Star of Battlestar Galactica
However one in particular who impacted fans from multiple generations was Richard Hatch News emerged that the stomach pains which impacted him at 2016's Dragon Con wound up to be pancreatic cancer Never wanting to be a burden to anyone, he kept his condition close to the chest until very near to the end.       In the[...]
Battlestar galactica
If you've ever seen him on a BSG-centric panel, you know the story. The thing that really hit hard was the final video shown, which was a tearful message from Edward James Olmos (who was filming in Spain and unable to attend SDCC this year) talking about the loss of original Battlestar Galactica star Richard Hatch, who also[...]
Richard Hatch
While continuing his acting career Richard was a popular figure at Comic Book conventions, science fiction forums and even hosted his own cruise ship events. Further information on memorial services and tributes can be found at Golden Globe nominated actor Richard Hatch, whose career spanned nearly a half-century, today passed into eternity while surrounded by family and[...]
Loadout: Going In Hot And A Few Questions With Star Richard Hatch
Today, Wayside Creations' Loadout: Going In Hot debuts on Machinima Prime and I got to talk with star Richard Hatch – formerly Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica – about the new short, the sci-fiction genre and more You can see the short at the bottom of the interview. BLEEDING COOL: You are starring in Wayside[...]
Jack O'Con – The Comic Convention That Suddenly Wasn't
I will be at #Tucsoncomicon Sunday #Tcc #azpg — Az Powergirl (@AzPowergirl) November 3, 2013   Richard Hatch – Actor Hey Richard Hatch fans Unfortunately, JackOCon was cancelled today It is not known why Richard is happy to have been able to meet a few fans and hopes to see the rest of you in the future[...]