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Hello Kitty & Friends Happiness Parade Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
Rogue Games and Dabadu Games revealed their latest title on the way as they'll be releasing Hello Kitty & Friends Happiness Parade for Nintendo Switch The game has already been out on mobile devices for a while now, as well as on Netflix, as you'll be taking some of the iconic characters from Sanrio and[...]
The Last Case of Benedict Fox
Rogue Games and Plot Twist Studio revealed that they will be releasing The Last Case Of Benedict Fox for both Xbox consoles and PC in April 2023 As part of the team releasing a free demo for Steam Next Fest, which you can play right now, they confirmed the game's release for both Steam and[...]
Dust & Neon
Rogue Games revealed today that they will be releasing Dust & Neon for the Nintendo Switch on top of PC platforms The team had already been teasing the game to come out sometime in 2023 for both Steam and the Epic Games Store, but there really wasn't much of a talk about when it would[...]
Dust & Neon
Rogue Games along with developer David Marquardt Studios announced their latest title this morning with Dust & Neon coming in 2023 This is a twin-stick Roguelite action RPG shooter set in an alternate old west in which you play a slain gunman brought back to life with new tech and some other not-so-conventional means to[...]
The Last Case of Benedict Fox
Rogue Games has released a new Gamescom trailer for The Last Case Of Benedict Fox as we get a better look at the game in development Developed by indie studio Plot Twist, this is clearly a Lovecraftian title in which you will search for clues in finding some truly despicable murderers by exploring through the[...]
Rogue & Game Grumps Partner Up On New Psychological Horror Game
Rogue Games revealed today they've partnered up with the Game Grumps to release a brand new psychological horror title called Homebody The last time the Game Grumps was involved with making a video game, we got the popular dad dating simulator Dream Daddy Now it appears they've turned their talents to all things horror as[...]
Super Mega Zero Will Launch For Switch In Late April
Rogue Games revealed this week that they will finally be releasing Super Mega Zero for PC and the Nintendo Switch later this month If you've ever been a fan of old-school arcade games or retro titles from the '80s that had a ton of glitches in them, then this is the one for you[...]
Harlow Set To Be Released On PC & Nintendo Switch In Mid-March
Rogue Games revealed their plans to release Harlow, as the game is set to be released on both PC and Nintendo Switch in mid-March The game itself has a bit of an interesting history as it was created by the founder of Good Trouble, Arman Nobari Nobari is a cancer survivor who, while healing and processing[...]
Classic PlayStation Title Wipeout Has Been Reimagined For Mobile
Rogue Games has launched a new mobile title that plays off the classic PlayStation game Wipeout as we now have wipEout Rush Developed by Amuzo, this new version takes all of the best parts of the original and slams it into a mobile title with simplified controls and a bigger push for fast racing in[...]
Rogue Games To Published Two First-Person Shooters
Rogue Games revealed today that they have picked up two first-person shooter games which they will publish this year Revealed during Realms Deep 2021,which is a digital event hosted by 3D Realms, we learned that the two games they picked up were Sprawl and Neon Beasts Sprawl is a "twitch-paced retro-FPS heavily inspired by eastern cyberpunk[...]
New Indie Puzzle Title Harlow Announced For 2022
Indie publisher Rogue Games along with developers Arman Nobari and Overthrow Studio revealed a new puzzler on the way called Harlow This particular game is an atmospheric 2.5D physics-based puzzle platformer by designer Arman Nobari, who you might know as the lead developer of Overthrow Studio The game has you playing a robot named Harlow[...]