The Human Side of a Conflict Inhuman – All New X-Men #17 Review

Naturally, I am pretty much already on one side of this conflict (let the mutants win!).Now, some stuff which people may not know: I was not a fan of the Young Iceman/Romeo romance plot added in a recent issue of All New X-Men Not because Romeo is Inhuman (though the plot was such an obvious[...]

Swipe File: Stan Lee's Romeo And Juliet And Marek Okon

Here is the big cover image from Stan Lee's Romeo And Juliet: The War, to be published by 1821 Comics in November.And here is an image by Marek Okon for ImagineFX, as part of an article on how to create sci-fi images, with a how-to guide.Looks like someone followed that guide a little too literally...In[...]

And Finally… Stan Lee Has Something To Do With A New Sci-Fi Romeo And Juliet

Here are the credits; Created by: Stan Lee and Terry Dougas Based on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Written by: Max Work Artwork by: Skan Srisuwan In association with POW! Entertainment Available end of 2011 What does "created" mean in this context? Anyway, expect Romeo And Juliet: The War to debut at New York Comic Con from 1821 Comics and Pow!... Two groups[...]