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Trekker's Ron Randall Illustrates A One-Of-A-Kind Wonder Woman Cover
Ron Randall recently lit up Kickstarter with a dynamite Trekker campaign, but this veteran comics creator has been celebrated as both an artist and writer for decades Both a writer and an artist, Ron Randall is known for his beautifully drawn female characters that seem to illustrate Randall's penchant for character-driven storytelling, even in static images[...]
What's This Unpublished What If...? Page by Ron Randall & Art Nichols?
Ron Randall is a veteran comics creator as both an artist and writer Recently, he has made intense waves in the crowdfunding space with his Trekker Kickstarters On Kickstarter, Ron Randall is one of the most consistent and well-performing creators Before that, a long and storied career in comics, with much of those comics in the[...]
Ron Randall Brings Trekker: Hunter's Moon to Kickstarter
Ron Randall is a veteran of the comics craft He has been publishing as an artist and writer since 1980, working on titles ranging from Sgt Rock with Joe Kubert to the iconic Alan Moore Swamp Thing run Randall is perhaps best known for creating the character Mercy St Clair, the bounty hunter that stars in his long-running series Trekker[...]