Ron Randall Brings Trekker: Hunter's Moon to Kickstarter

Ron Randall is a veteran of the comics craft. He has been publishing as an artist and writer since 1980, working on titles ranging from Sgt. Rock with Joe Kubert to the iconic Alan Moore Swamp Thing run. Randall is perhaps best known for creating the character Mercy St. Clair, the bounty hunter that stars in his long-running series Trekker. Debuting in 1987's Dark Horse Presents, Mercy's exploits have spanned more than three decades now. Trekker was published by Dark Horse for some time, including a miniseries back in the 80s and a print omnibus in 2013, but now, Randall has taken the fate of Mercy St. Clair into his own hands. Using Kickstarter, Randall successfully funded three new Trekker graphic novels, including Chapeltown, The Darkstar Zephyr, and Battlefields, along with a hardcover omnibus (Trekker: The Complete Journey) that collected all of Mercy's adventures into one epic volume. Now, Ron Randall has returned to Kickstarter with a campaign to fund Mercy's next adventure, Trekker: Hunter's Moon.

Trekker: Hunter's Moon promotional graphic. Credit: Ron Randall
Trekker: Hunter's Moon promotional graphic. Credit: Ron Randall

Here's how Ron Randall pitches the book:

"In TREKKER: HUNTER'S MOON, we follow Mercy and her small crew to a harsh, remote moon, where they encounter a creature out of their worst nightmares. To survive, they must track it down and kill or be killed. But soon, it's an open question as to who is the hunter, and who the hunted.

Like every other book in the series, TREKKER: HUNTER'S MOON works as an excellent introduction to Mercy and her world. Each volume tells an entire, self-contained adventure. When you put them all together, they just paint a deeper, richer world as we continue Mercy's life story."

In the campaign's video, Randall continues:

"It means the world to me that I've found the support I need here on Kickstarter to continue Mercy's journey. I cannot thank my wonderful backers enough except by continuing to tell the best Trekker stories that I can."

Trekker: Hunter's Moon is on its way toward doubling its $22,500 goal with twenty-two days left to go.

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