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Big Sky Season 1 Finale Preview: Ronald Has One More Card Left to Play
The remaining Kleinsassers are heading off to greener pastures, and Brian Geraghty's Ronald is behind bars Everything seems pretty good for our dynamic duo And then suddenly, it isn't Because as you're about to see from the following preview images and promos, having Ronald in custody has only made him deadlier and much more in[...]
Big Sky Season 1 E15 Preview: Ronald Needs Phoebe to Keep His Secret
Meanwhile, Ronald's (Brian Geraghty) twisted plans are coming back to haunt him- and as you're about to see in the following clip, that's going to mean keeping lots of secrets- starting with Phoebe (Zoë Noelle Baker). (ABC/Darko Sikman) BRIAN GERAGHTY Written by Elwood Reid and Dominique Holmes, and directed by Alonso Alvarez, here's a look at the[...]
Big Sky S01E10/S01E11: New Preview Videos Introduce The Kleinsassers
Kelley's Big Sky returns tonight, Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) and Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) are still on the hunt for Ronald (Brian Geraghty) But the two-episode, two-hour chapter of the hit mystery-drama kicks off on the tail end of a three-month time jump that finds the duo setting up shop and coming face-to-face with a whole slew of[...]
Big Sky Season 1 Preview: Is Big Rick the Answer or a Deadlier Threat?
Okay, so this week finds Ronald (Brian Geraghty) seriously backed into a corner as Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) move in Of course, that's going to make Ronald just that much more dangerous- explosively dangerous Is "Nu-Rick" (John Carroll Lynch) truly a different person, willing to help end the madness- or does "Big Rick"[...]
Big Sky Season 1 Preview: Ronald on the Run; What's Rick's Real Deal?
Ronald's (Brian Geraghty) still on the run and feeling desperate- and as we saw last week, he's willing to eliminate anything or anyone that puts him in line with getting caught But is it the end of the road for him with this week's "The End is Near"? And it looks like you can't keep[...]
Big Sky Season 1 Episode 6 Preview: Cassie & Jenny Hunt for Ronald
But that's only half of the problem, with Ronald (Brian Geraghty) still on the loose That means that when the series returns this Tuesday, January 26, with "The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood" and now knowing the truth about Cody's fate, Cassie and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) will team up to bring Ronald down But[...]
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As Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) close in on connecting him to the missing girls, the tension between Rick and Ronald (Brian Geraghty) continues to grow As everyone learned in the Big Sky series-opener, no one's safe- even with six additional episodes on the way So with this week's episode sporting the headline[...]