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Her bruised heart secretly yearns for romance in a world of transactional uber-tinder relationships." Amell has made a name for himself within The CW's DC universe, playing Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm/Deathstorm on The Flash (with his cousin being Arrow's own Stephen Amell) He was also the lead in CW series The Tomorrow People, and appeared in last season's The X-Files revival[...]
In what might be odd synchronicity, after recent events on DC's Legends of Tomorrow left us with no live-action Firestorm, today is the 40th anniversary of the character's first appearance. Created by writer Gerry Conway and artist Al Milgrom in the pages of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #1 released December 6th, 1977 (with a March 1978[...]
Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3: Addressing the Elephant on the Waverider
As half of Firestorm, he was teamed with Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) for part of the season but that ended with the season finale After Ronnie married Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), the team stopped Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) and ripped a whole between worlds and Firestorm helped close it… but it forced the separation of the[...]
Ronnie Raymond Returns To The Flash
Word is that Robbie Amell will be reprising his role as Ronnie Raymond, one half of the hero Firestorm Amell, the cousin of Arrow's Stephen Amell, was part of the first season of the show but went missing and was presumed dead as season 2 kicked off This was after a quick wedding with Caitlin[...]
The Six Important Moments From This Week's The Flash – Fallout
Where the whole episode was important for the creation of the Firestorm character, there were also some very important moments to the on-going series. 1) After the blast we learn that the device Harrison Wells and Cisco Ramon came up with worked, they successfully separated Ronnie Raymond from Martin Stein We also learn that the two[...]
The Six Important Moments From This Week's The Flash – The Nuclear Man
We've seen him as Ronnie Raymond in the series already and we've seen him on the Tomorrow People Yet when he was in that scene where he was supposed to be Martin Stein inside Ronnie Raymond's body, he took on the mannerisms and cadence of Victor Garber Its a subtle thing, but its what drives[...]
Robbie Amell Teases The Firestorm Costume For The Flash
Robbie Amell who plays Ronnie Raymond on The Flash posted a teaser pic on Instagram giving us the first look at the Firestorm costume What we can see of it seems to take after the classic costume design rather than the more recent takes on it.   A photo posted by Robbie Amell (@robbieamell) on Dec 12,[...]
What To Do With The Bad Guys? A Clip From Tonight's Episode Of The Flash
Martin) in this clip from tonight's episode which will open the door to introducing the character of Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell), one half of Firestorm. The Flash: Things You Can't Out Run airs tonight on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] If you are watching The Flash, you may be wondering what they will be doing with all the meta-human[...]
When Will We Get To See Firestorm On The Flash?
She never became the Manhunter as Kate Spencer did in the comics. So when it was announced that Robbie Amell, formerly of the Tomorrow People and cousin to Stephen Amell, got tabbed to play Ronnie Raymond in The Flash it seemed that we'd be getting Firestorm But how long would it be before we saw him[...]