The Six Important Moments From This Week's The Flash – Fallout

Let's go ahead and start with that spoiler warning for anyone who didn't tune in to last nights episode of the Flash.

Okay, if you are still reading you have been warned. Last night picks up right where the previous episode left off with Firestorm going boom. Where the whole episode was important for the creation of the Firestorm character, there were also some very important moments to the on-going series.

1) After the blast we learn that the device Harrison Wells and Cisco Ramon came up with worked, they successfully separated Ronnie Raymond from Martin Stein. We also learn that the two don't like each other very much and their interaction gets a bit… heated. This was on of the big moments the series has been slowly building towards. It's amazing with how much they have jammed into the series that any actual story gets told sometimes. But in the wake of separating the two, we get to meet them again… not through memories but in the here and now. And deep down they both just want to go back to the way things were. But there is very little of that since the particle accelerator exploded.

2) When Joe West brings Barry Allen back to the house he mother died in, its a major shift in the show. The idea of time travel has always been part of the Flash comics, but its a pretty big idea to tackle in a TV show without it being all about time travel. How do the writers put the Genie back in the bottle once it's out? How do they not fix everything with time travel? Barry's mom? Harrison Wells wife? What happened to Joe West's wife? Can Barry stop the particle accelerator explosion? The only way to not make it a show about time travel once it's introduced is to make something tragic happen when it's used. Odds are this will not end well.

3) General Wade Eiling knows that Barry Allen is the Flash because Barry is not cautious with his identity. He removed his mask in their previous encounter when he thought the General was unconscious. He used that knowledge to make Wells give up Firestorm. Eiling also was able to create a series of weapons specifically made to stop The Flash. Remember Simon Stagg, the last guy to threaten to use Barry in front of Wells… that didn't go to well for Stagg did it?

4) When they are taking on the military, Raymond and Stein willingly choose to reform Firestorm and in doing so, we got the character from the comic book. Ronnie's body and Ronnie in control with Stein's voice in his head. We even got the all white eyes. But at the end, Firestorm decides to leave, to stay ahead of Eiling and to find out more about their abilities. But also because having Firestorm around changes the dynamic of the show. Its like watching Arrow and wondering why they aren't calling Barry in, he's just a sprint away… so Firestorm has to go away to keep The Flash relevant without having to up the odds constantly. Plus maybe while he's gone he will tap into the transmutation aspects of his powers.

5) A couple of weeks back when Wells had the press conference announcing he had been warned of the potential of an overload… pretty much nothing happened. Where in the real world the guy would probably have been crucified in the media. So when we see Mason Bridge trying to talk Iris West into helping him figure out whats going on a STAR Labs, it makes sense. That's what journalists do, they sniff out stories. And with Iris agreeing to help, the character has a new purpose in the show. Something I think she desperately needed.

6) The big moment here had to be the ending. With Eiling knowing about Barry and proving himself a threat, you had to figure that Wells was going to do something about that. I don't know how many people expected him to race over in his yellow and black leathers, kidnap Eiling and deposit him in Grodd's lair. So that's two people Wells has killed for sure (giving Eiling to Grodd is killing him) and he's keeping a super-smart telepathic gorilla in the sewers… all the humanizing of Wells they did last week just went right out the window.

It was interesting seeing Tom Cavanagh in the Reverse-Flash costume and the effects on Grodd are great. But now we have to wait until March 17th for the next episode… aarrgh.


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