The Six Important Moments From This Week's The Flash – The Nuclear Man

This is a spoiler filled look at last night's episode of the Flash. If you haven't watched it… what are you waiting for?

There is a quote from one of the executive producers of the Flash from back when they started Arrow… not sure if its from Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg or Marc Guggenheim as I think they have all referenced it since… but they basically said when they started making Arrow that they weren't going to wait to introduce all the great characters into the show or they might not get a chance to later. Hence we got Deathstroke, China White and Vertigo early on. They have definitely been taking that approach with The Flash as well, throwing us rogue after rogue and hinting at other heroes like Vibe and Firestorm. Well, they are definitely not hinting at Firestorm anymore. Last night's episode brought him front and center for a two-parter that wasn't called a two-parter. But when you end on a nuclear explosion, the "to be coninued…" is kind of assumed.

Here are what I think were the six important moments from last night's episode.

1) Caitlin Snow meets Professor Martin Stein would be and I have to hand it to Robbie Amell. We've seen him as Ronnie Raymond in the series already and we've seen him on the Tomorrow People. Yet when he was in that scene where he was supposed to be Martin Stein inside Ronnie Raymond's body, he took on the mannerisms and cadence of Victor Garber. Its a subtle thing, but its what drives home the duality of the character. That's why they did the scene on the train with Stein and Barry Allen, so we could see how Stein acted and would believe he was now inside Raymond.

2) Cisco Ramon about what might happen if Barry gets intimate with Linda Park. This isn't the first time the subject of the fastest man alive being too fast in some areas… the 90s series had a scene where Barry (John Wesley Shipp) was in bed with his girlfriend as she complains that it was over too quick and that she expected more… then they pull back to reveal that they are watching a Mike Tyson fight. Here Cisco wonders if Barry is concerned about "going to fast" and recommends thinking about other things. Though this series goes a little farther by having Barry start vibrating from excitement when he is with Linda and she was quite okay with that. This caused William Shatner who live tweets the show to say:


3) And since we are talking about Linda Park, there is the ghost pepper moment. A bit silly, a bit crazy, but having Barry threaten to eat the pepper if she didn't go out with him again shows that, unlike Oliver Queen, Barry wants to be happy and wants to be with someone who loves him. Now that might not be Linda, but this gesture was telling us that he is serious about having a life outside of the red leather suit. That was one big pepper though.

4) The Henry Allen guilt or innocent story has been in the background all season and tonight we finally got some one looking into it. It was nice seeing Joe West and Cisco working together and we got to see them both do what they are good at. We also see that Joe has decided to ignore the threats from Reverse-Flash and continue looking into Nora Allen's murder. But the important thing here is the door to time-travel that had been opened a crack so far just got kicked down.

5) Through twelve episodes we have been building a building towards Harrison Wells is up to something and it can't be good. And here as we get close to what we think might be the big gotcha moment… we get glimpses of redemption. When he, with gun in hand, decides instead to use the device he needed for whatever his plan is to help Firestorm instead… that has to give us pause. Then it turns out its not his blood at the Allen house… more pause. And to drive home that he may not be as evil as we think he is we get this very nice moment where he tells Caitlin that Ronnie/Stein is trying to go home because that is where we are loved. It was one of the most human moments the character has had and yes it could all be manipulative, but added with the other moments and it's obvious the writers want us to start looking at Wells differently.

6) And finally, what may have been one of the shortest moments in the show may also be one of the most important. When Barry is on his date and Cisco keeps calling him, we see him rush over and get a suicidal guy off of a building and put him right next to Eddie Thawne. The look on Eddie's face is not one of surprise. He knows exactly what just happened and who saved the man. His look is a smile. He has accepted the Flash as a hero and he likes having him out there. Its subtle, and it made me think of the Hunter Zoloman version of the Reverse-Flash who just wants to make Barry a better hero. If the writers are trying to make us look away from Wells, maybe they want us to start looking at Eddie again.

Now, as for the cliffhanger that wasn't… seems when things pick up again next week we'll get to see the return of Clancy Brown as General Eiling. I can't imagine what a military general would want with a guy who is a walking nuclear bomb…


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