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Monster Master Blends FPS With RTS For Asymmetrical Indie Horror
The vast, vast majority of games will only stick to the top-down view of RTS or the faceless yet in-your-face line of sight from the typical FPS However, Flatfish Games, an independent video game developer based in Newport Beach, California, seeks to change all of that Their newest upcoming creation, Monster Master, is now the[...]
EVO Logo Electro
Big news from the world of esports today as the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) has been acquired by a major company Sony Interactive Entertainment has jointly acquired the summer event with a new esports venture called RTS (formulated out of Endeavor's esports business-side), as they have taken over the assets and properties According to the[...]
SEGA Has Announced Total War: WARHAMMER II
Territorial conquest is no longer enough… this is a race for control that will define the fate of the world!" Adding a bit of drama to an RTS, that's always nice. The full list of features are as follows: A new style of narrative campaign in which players race against the other factions to save or destroy[...]