Rune II Receives A New Lazarus Update With A Ton of Content

Ragnarok Game, LLC has released the full details of what's been added into the latest Lazarus update for Rune II. The devs released a full set of patch notes for the update, which covered a lot of general fixes, some of which we have highlighted below. Some of the big additions to it are new combat moves and the Ages Of Ragnarok adjustments, along with some improvements to a few areas. You can download the update right now, but before that, check out the video at the bottom to see what's been improved with the gameplay.

Rune 2 Lazarus Update
Credit: Ragnarok Game, LLC

Rune II General Fixes:

  • Greatly increased optimization on graphics, sound, and engine.
  • Fixed a fatal error crash that occurred when the player entered ragdoll mode in the same frame that physics was enabled.
    • Previously, jumping while getting killed == hard crash.
    • Now, jumping while getting killed == no crash!
  • Fixed an issue where crashing would revert your save back to the beginning of the current Age.

Ages of Ragnarok:

  • Increased length Ragnarok Timer in all ages.
  • In preparation for future updates, we have hidden the Ragnarok Timer.
    • The timer is still running silently in the event that you cannot complete the artifact quests within a given age.
  • Adjusted visuals in the Age of Night.
  • Adjusted weather patterns in the Age of Frost.

Rune II Combat:

  • Increased the frequency enemies can be dismembered and gibbed.
    • Corpse explosions everywhere!
  • Fixed an issue preventing Conrack the Betrayer from dealing fire damage.

User Interface and User Experience:

  • Overhauled rebuildable structure widget.
    • Building widget now appears in the lower right side of the screen above the hotbar.
  • Removed the ability to build one-by-one. Pressing USE (E) will now contribute as many materials as possible at once.
  • Moved Vanity camera from Shift >> H.
  • Vanity camera free look is now a toggle.
  • Vanity camera free lock is disabled when the player starts moving.
  • Restored map fog of war at 50% opacity.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the salvaging UI from showing correctly.
  • Updated the "CONFIRM" button in the server browser to correctly point to

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