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Saucer Country was created in 2012 by Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly, and published by DC Vertigo about Arcadia Alvarado, the Hispanic governor of New Mexico, now running for President, who believes she may have been abducted by aliens Discontinued at DC Comics, who closed the Vertigo line, it was picked up by IDW in[...]
Paul Cornell & Ryan Kelly's 10th Anniversary Return To Saucer Country
Saucer Country was a rather good UFO mythology comic book by Paul Cornell, drawn by Ryan Kelly and published by DC Comics' Vertigo from 2012 in the final days of the imprint and was cancelled after 14 issues It was later picked up by IDW, renamed Saucer State for trademark reasons, for a six-issue series which[...]
Z2 Comics Announces Pantera Graphic Novel, Vulgar Display of Power
Downey, Erik Rodriguez, Ryan Kelly, Steve Chanks, Kevin Mellon, John Pearson, and Danijel Zezelj will each offer a unique interpretation inspired by the lyrics and music to create a whole new way to experience this landmark work of heavy art. Tattoo artist and friend of the band Paul Booth provides the cover art, showing the grisly aftermath[...]
The Contract: Cry Havoc’s French Release In Limbo
Cry Havoc, the Image Comics series from Si Spurrier, Ryan Kelly, Matt Wilson, Lee Loughridge, Nick Filardi, Simon Bowland and Emma Price, released in 2016 to immense critical acclaim Alan Moore described it as "An electrifying account of black ops, black dogs and weaponized folklore that is unlike anything you've ever seen Best in show."[...]
Survivors' Club: CW Adapting DC-Vertigo Horror Comic to Series
What if there were very real reasons to be afraid of summer camps, haunted houses, porcelain dolls, and other trappings of film horror? What if the people who survived those horrors – individuals who have found each other online – were the only ones who could stop the horrors still to come? DC Comics/Vertigo That's the premise[...]
Alan Moore Talks About Si Spurrier And Ryan Kelly's Cry Havoc, From Image In January
Si Spurrier, who has been blowing our little minds recently on Crossed +100, has a new comic out in January with Ryan Kelly Cry Havoc, a gritty new fantasy military noir comic published by Image Comics. And oh look, Crossed +100's creator Alan Moore has something to say about it.   "The werewolves of London are chihuahuas compared[...]
A Look Inside Arkham Manor #3 And Dead Boy Detectives #12
DC has released preview pages for Arkham Manor #3 by Gerry Duggan and Shawn Crystal as well as Dead Boy Detectives #12 by Toby Lift, Mark Buckingham and Ryan Kelly Both books are on sale this week. ARKHAM MANOR #3 – all is not as it seems as Batman's plans unravel in Arkham Manor, and Jack[...]
Three, Three Hundred And Ancient Homosexuality
In the first issue of Three by Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly, Gillen talked about how it was a reaction to Frank Miller's 300, after he got very angry with the book and the moral implications of the things it both missed out and added, including slave suppression and slave hunting that the society was[...]
Kieron Gillen And Ryan Kelly Launch THREE From Image Comics
Dan Hart writes for Bleeding Cool; Kieron Gillen returns to Image, where he & frequent collaborator Jamie McKelvie publish Phonogram, with a new creator owned mini-series: Three, featuring art by Lucifer alum Ryan Kelly, currently drawing Saucer Country at DC Three looks at the truth behind the legend of the Spartans and sees through the myth of[...]
Comic Creators, Healthcare And Minnesota
Ryan Kelly, artist on DC Vertigo's Saucer Country, and part-time Minneapolis College of Art and Design tutor, has been tweeting about an issue that rather affects comic book freelance creators; You're now looking at a guy with no health insurance #imfucked I have #trigeminalneuralgia, medications, appointments w/ doctors and MN axed my health insurance because I have[...]
Saucer Country From Paul Cornell And Ryan Kelly: "It's The West Wing Does The X-Files"
Writer Paul Cornell has elaborated on one of Vertigo's NYCC announcements today — an ongoing series by Cornell and artist Ryan Kelly about a presidential candidate who is 'abducted by aliens'. It's called Saucer Country. It's about Arcadia Alvarado, the Governor of New Mexico, who, on the eve of announcing that she's running for President…[...]