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Street Fighter Ryu Enters the Ring with Seamless Figure from Iconiq
Starting things off first is Ryu, who will stand 12" tall and is fully articulated with a nice set of accessories from the Street Fighter series This will include a Hadoken fireball effect, two head sculpts, a duffle bag, and swappable hands These new seamless figures are truly a wonder, and it brings the character[...]
Ryu & Chun-Li Will Be Added To Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid
The crossovers continue for Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li, who will be coming to Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Well, to a degree It seems in a parallel universe, both of the characters have been given the power of the Power Rangers, and have formed their own suits with Ryu as the Crimson[...]
Street Fighter IV Evil Ryu Brings the Pain to Storm Collectibles
This time things get a little dark as an alternate form of Ryu has been unleashed once again with Evil Ryu Consumed by hate, madness, and the complete and utter use to win by any means necessary, this Evil Ryu is ready to join your growing collection Street Fighter fans will not want to miss[...]
Two Street Fighter Characters Are Coming To Fortnite
We start by hearing the familiar tune to Street Fighter II as someone pops in a couple of quarters and starts off a match between Chun-Li and Ryu Before the two can fight, Agent Jonsey pops in through his teleportation circle and drops right into the middle of the Suzaku Castle, shocking both as he[...]
Ryu is Hadouken Ready in New Prime 1 Studios Statue
Ryu is one of the ever-popular characters from the Street Fighter franchise This classic fighting game has reached lengths or multiple series, a cartoon series, tournaments, and even a movie Prime 1 Studio is molding the iconic Ryu in all his glory in their newest statue The Street Fighter Statue does come in two different[...]
How Would You Like a Better Version of Ryu's Armor in Monster Hunter: World?
Back when Capcom threw in the Ryu armor for Monster Hunter: World to make yourself look like the Street Fighter character when you equip all the pieces, it was a hunk of junk that did little for you defensively and a lot more for you cosmetically This time around, the developers are putting the armor[...]
Pixel Pals Jumps Back Into The Fight With More Street Fighter
The second set of figures we get to check out this week are from the Street Fighter series, expanding on the four already in the series with Hot Ryu, M Bison, and Cammy. Much like the designs before them, all of them run on two AAA batteries, with an easy to remove compartment on the back[...]
Lighting Up Your Geeky Home: We Review The 'Street Fighter' Pixel Pals
So, of course, I was stoked when PDP sent me these two Pixel Pals in the mail for review, both of them being Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter! First off, let's get to the obvious: These are essentially night light statues that you put up on your shelf or desk or wherever you'd like[...]