Pixel Pals Jumps Back Into The Fight With More Street Fighter

PDP was kind enough to send us several new Pixel Pals for us to review. The second set of figures we get to check out this week are from the Street Fighter series, expanding on the four already in the series with Hot Ryu, M. Bison, and Cammy.

Much like the designs before them, all of them run on two AAA batteries, with an easy to remove compartment on the back. This latest set is advertising a new USB charging pack you can add to each figure, but none of mine came with one, so just regular batteries for me. All of the figures stand at about the same height with the same hard plastic molding design and an opaque color scheme on the front for the glow.

As you can see below, Cammy and Bison look like they do from the Super Street Fighter II appearances, with Cammy in her unitard and red beret with red gloves, and Bison in his uniform with shoulder pads and captain's hat. Ryu, however, looks pretty much like his previous normal design, only with darker gloves and a beard this time around.

I ran into the same problem as I did with the Nintendo set, in that one of the figures didn't light up as well as the others, with this one being Bison. I have to chalk it up to the light again, but I wish there was much more consistency from PDP on their Pixel Pals sets. That being said, they're all good additions to the line and a must-have for any obsessed Street Fighter fan.

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